Miami, Feb. 19 – A resolution that would have halted plans to celebrate the first Miami Grand Prix 2021 in the city of Miami Gardens, whose neighbors have opposed the initiative, failed on Wednesday in the Miami-Dade County Legislative .

The measure, promoted by commissioner Barbara Jordan, which represents the Miami Gardens area and opposes competition due to noise and other environmental problems, failed to be approved by the Commission.

For his part, the mayor of the county, Carlos Giménez, said Wednesday that the road has been paved after “very important concessions” between the parties.

Giménez recalled that the agreement was reached after a meeting held last January by members of the community, Commissioner Jordan and representatives of the Miami Dolphins football team, in whose stadium the competition is planned.

He explained that they agreed to use for the race “only the property of the Dolphins Stadium, the Hard Rock, and thus keep it out on 199th Street Northwest, as the neighbors requested.

Giménez said that they will also not run any career during school hours and promised to have only daytime competitions.

However, Commissioner Jordan announced that she will file a lawsuit against the Miami Dolphins and Formula 1 considering that the competition violates the noise ordinances of both the city of Miami Gardens and the county.

The plan to carry out the automobile competition, which still depends on the approval of the county, has faced opposition from residents of the area surrounding the stadium mainly due to possible road closures, increased vehicle traffic, competition noise and pollution environmental.

In 2019 Formula 1 and the Hard Rock stadium announced the signing of a preliminary agreement to carry out that competition, after a failed attempt to do it in the center of the city of Miami.

They noted that the competition at Miami Gardens, about 32 miles north of the city of Miami, will have an annual impact estimated at more than $ 400 million and 35,000 hotel room nights. EFE

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