Mexican Secretariat of Economy informed on Monday that they will maintain its support to the Mexican companies affected by the decision of the United States of imposing provisional tariffs to structural steel manufactured in this country.

“The companies involved in the investigation will have the support of the Ministry of Economy to defend their interests,” the ministry said in a press release released after the announcement of tariffs.

He said that these measures are the result of a process of investigation that the US Department of Commerce began on January 4 of this year against Mexico and other countries at the request of the American Institute of Steel Construction Full Member Subgroup (Chicago, Illinois).

These investigations, he said, are common when an industry feels affected by what it means to import through unfair practices; although said investigacion is following its course and will be definitively resolved in the next six months.

The Department of Commerce of the United States determined that there are sufficient reasons to impose tariffs on structural steel manufactured in Mexico, in addition to the same product coming from China.

“In the investigations of China and Mexico, Commerce made affirmative determinations, finding that exporters received subsidies subject to countervailing duties,” the Department said in a statement.

The Ministry of Economy confirmed that the Government of Mexico will continue actively in the procedure as they did since the beginning of 2019.

He ruled out that tariffs on structural steel are related to those imposed on steel and aluminum, which as is already known to the public have already been removed on May 20, 2019.

These measures are also not related to the threat made by US President Donald Trump to impose measures on all Mexican products as of June 10, if Mexico did not take measures to control migration from Central America.

The announcement of these measures comes at a time when the US and China have agreed to renegotiate the trade war between the two countries and after the Mexican Congress has approved the T-MEC agreement with Washington and Ottawa.

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