Mexico and the United States have agreed to exchange information regarding the attack on August 3 in El Paso (USA) in which 22 people died, 8 of them Mexican, the Mexican government said Tuesday.

Through a joint statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) and the Attorney General’s Office (FGR), both Mexican, reported that a high-level meeting was held at the Prosecutor’s headquarters between the authorities of both countries

The meeting was to follow up on the investigations of the terrorist attack against Mexicans 10 days ago in that city.

In due course, the Mexican Government expressed to the US authorities “their concern and dismay at the act committed” and at a possible link between the executor of the crime and racial supremacist organizations.

They also reiterated the importance of “conducting a thorough investigation” of the facts and their causes.

Both governments have agreed to exchange information on their respective investigations, in strict accordance with the regulatory frameworks of each country.

They agreed on the need to collaborate together, without intervening in their jurisdictions and finally spoke about the importance of working with communities to prevent hate crimes.

It was noted that a representative of the Mexican Government will travel to El Paso on Wednesday 14 to meet with state and federal prosecutors investigating the attack.

Earlier, the US Embassy in Mexico pointed out in a message on social networks that “as part of our long-standing cooperation in the procurement of justice with Mexico, the recent high-level working meeting between the FBI and its counterparts of the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic took place today”.

“In light of the recent events in El Paso, hate crimes and civil rights issues were added to the agenda of this meeting, which was already scheduled,” said the US embassy in Mexico, which attributed the meeting to a “continuous intelligence exchange initiative” between nations.

The meeting was chaired by the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR), Alejandro Gertz Maneroa and a representative of the Mexican Foreign Ministry attended, while representatives from the US Embassy, as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), also attended.

Mexico evaluates, through the FGR, to file a complaint for terrorism and request the extradition of Patrick Crusius, the young American who murdered 22 people, 8 of them Mexican, in a shopping center in El Paso.

The shooting was motivated, according to the authorities, by a white supremacist ideology, since it identified a Walmart of the border city with Mexico with the aim of killing as many Mexicans as possible.

After the massacre, the Government of Mexico asked the United States Government for all the information about the shooting in order to determine if there are other people or organizations that seek to harm Mexicans in that country.

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