All 50 consulates of Mexico in the United States are evaluating “all legal means” to protect Mexicans against the massive deportations announced by President Donald Trump, reported Monday the Mexican Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Marcelo Ebrard.

“If these deportations begin and, if necessary, I will go to lead the defense of our compatriots in the United States,” the foreign minister told a press conference at the National Palace.

After participating in the summit of the Pacific Alliance in Lima, Ebrard visited the Mexican Consulate in Los Angeles on Sunday, where he reviewed the work done to deal with Trump’s announcement.

“There are many different legal channels but I could say, without fear of being wrong, that we are ready to defend Mexicans effectively throughout the United States,” he said.

Trump reported Saturday that will delay “two weeks” the massive deportation of immigrants, waiting for Democrats and Republicans to find solutions to problems on the border with Mexico.

“If there are deportations, we will be there,” reiterated Ebrard, who last month led the Mexican delegation that negotiated an agreement in Washington to stop the migration and prevent Trump from imposing tariffs on Mexico’s exports.

Precisely, Ebrard valued in the press conference the advance of the migratory plan agreed with the United States, which consists of deploying thousands of troops on the border with Guatemala and sheltering in Mexico the migrants who are in the process of requesting asylum from the United States.

The chancellor informed that the deployment of the National Guard “has already taken place, it is already completed and they are already working as planned”.

In addition, he said that the staff of the National Institute of Migration (Inami) is applying the Mexican law, which requires migrants to “show documentation that proves their identity or regular immigration status when they are required by the authority.”

“The Mexican law does not foresee that there are people without registration or without notifying the immigration authority in our territory, but that is in the law, it is not a decision that we have taken, the law establishes it” he said.

He also reported that on the northern border, there are 16 shelters to host migrants awaiting asylum in the United States and that 3,700 jobs are offered for these people.

And on the Mexican plan to develop Central America and stop forced migration, Ebrard recalled that this year Mexico will invest 100 million dollars to generate job opportunities in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala.

A technical team from Mexico is in El Salvador to implement the Sembrando Vidas plan, a program that aims to create jobs in afforestation of the territory and will also be carried out in Honduras.

Finally, Ebrard was pleased by the fact that the G20 included in its agreement of the Osaka summit a point raised by Mexico that establishes the need to “address the root causes of the displacement” of people.

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