By Isaac Manuel Hernández Álvarez

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These days are frantic, political communication is at its height, the electoral lists of political parties have been defined in recent weeks and, in addition, the presentations of candidates are being made with urgency and against the clock.

The political campaign is accelerated or rather it appears to make known a network of names, acronyms, candidates, posters, teams, messages, debates, the show begins!

The electoral programs, as well as the proposals for the electorate are outlining ideas, commitments, promises and many contents, quite similar by the way and according to the ideology or political party they come from.

Why has all this not been done before? Why are you in a hurry? The political brand is built day by day, not at the last minute and on the run.


Professionalization of politics is increasingly necessary to avoid incurring in these states of electoral madness, I know that every day more thoughts regarding changing the method of campaigning are appearing, on how to manage parties, how to communicate and of being more constant, not just during few months.

Attending different events and events closely related to parties, I continue to see and observe how many leaders are still anchored in the “persuasion” format of decades ago. Don’t! People do not want to get bored, politics and all its mechanisms do not have to be boring, do we not always have to entertain the client? Why not be entertained in our staging?

People who come to a party presentation and dare I say, also a rally are mostly people very close and followers of the candidate and their team around, therefore, do not need to be convinced of the great projects that they are going to realize, of the political product that they already know, or of those promises that they can carry out if they enter the government.

The confidence and vote of the assistants in those cases is almost guaranteed.


What do the polls say? Do we know something new? How is the political competition going? These and many more questions appear in all the matches at the matches’ venues.

To all this, we should also add the occultism and secrecy of what they call iron or party list and that for months has been rumored about in meetings and other places in the electoral context. Why so much mystery? What is the reason to hide who forms the new political project of a party, whatever political color this is?

A few weeks ago a candidate commented to me how he understood the way of making the lists, rather, he justified the decision to announce the order of these at the last minute so that the motivation of the members of the team was not diminished. I still do not understand, if the motivation depends on the number in which I am on the list, you are in the wrong place.

In these weeks we communicate right and left, the activity of politics in social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or others transcends the ethical, no matter what the voter thinks, here what is important is to be present and publishing content. It does not matter if a hundred times a day and in the greatest amount of media.


Here, what counts is the quantity and not the quality of the message, I get the impression that they still do not understand the new rules of the game: the person who decides what to see and read is the voter, they’re the ones putting the envelope in the box.

This is not an article to write about the appropriateness or not of placing a general election a month before municipal elections, but it has left all those political parties who had in mind the dates of May unsettled and saturated. I remembered now the typical message of “the citizen is what matters.”

And mail vote? How much has it offered to thousands of people who want to decide for their country or for their municipality, but how much suspicion and deception accredits election after election that nobody dares to regulate, I do not know whether due to ignorance or interest depending on the place where the electoral encounter takes place.

This is what politics has, a way of managing times and people in order to access power, to reach and attract more citizens, to get an idea to as many people as possible. How? A matter of chance, a matter of luck …


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