President Donald Trump’s government will begin mass raids on Sunday in at least ten cities in the country to capture undocumented immigrants and their families, US media reported on Sunday.

The operations will be carried out by the staff of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, known by its English acronym ICE, newspaper The New York Times said, attributing its information to unnamed government officials.

“In these deportations, the authorities could arrest immigrants who are in the area even if they were not wanted,” the newspaper reported.

“To the extent possible, family members arrested together will be taken to detention centers for families in Texas and Pennsylvania, but due to limited space, some may end up in hotels while preparing their travel documents,” they added.

The officials consulted pointed out that ICE will first look for about 2,000 immigrants who have already received deportation orders and, in some cases, did not show up for hearings in the immigration courts.

On Wednesday, the acting director of the Immigration and Citizenship Service (USCIS), Ken Cuccinelli, said the raids “are going to take place,” but he did not further elaborate.

Among the cities where these raids could occur are Chicago (Illinois), Baltimore (Maryland), New York (New York), Houston (Texas), Los Angeles (California) and Miami (Florida).

In mid-June, Trump said on Twitter that ICE would begin a process to deport “millions” of undocumented immigrants.

Shortly after, it was learned that ICE planned massive raids as of June 23 to increase the deportations of undocumented families who have received expulsion orders.

Trump then decided to suspend the raids for two weeks – term that ended this past Sunday – to give time for Democrats and Republicans to agree on an immigration agreement in Congress, but to date no agreement has been reached.

Guillermo Torres, director of immigration policies for Clérigos and Laicos Unidos por Una Justicia Economica, told Efe that “these inhumane and atrocious policies of keeping us scared have also made us come together, increasingly learning about our rights and how to defend ourselves, we are ready to respond to this offensive”.

Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, said his state “will continue to support all immigrants to ensure that all of them have all the protections provided by law.”

The mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, told local media that city residents should know that the “sanctuary” laws that govern the state will be enforced and that they prevent the collaboration of local police with ICE in immigration matters.

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