Several immigration activists and young students marched this Friday in some cities of the country, in anticipation of the days of demonstration that are expected next Tuesday, when the Supreme Court hears the arguments on the Deferred Action for Those Arrived in Childhood (DACA).

The students took a stand in favor of DACA to protect their beneficiaries and pointed out that student strikes have been an important piece of U.S. history.

Today’s marches will remember the famous “walk outs” of Los Angeles in 1968, the strikes in the east of the city by Chicano students against unequal conditions in the high schools of the Los Angeles Unified School District.

“We have to reassure everyone that our home is here,” said a member of United We Dream (UWD), a youth activist and promoter of the demonstrations, during one of the marches in Oklahoma City.

“I invite you all to march next Tuesday to show that this is our home and that we are not going to leave,” added the young woman who, being undocumented, identified herself only as Cynthia.

The activist was present with fifty students at Oklahoma State University (OSU).

“I am someone and I deserve the best. My family is somebody and deserves the best. My community is someone and deserves the best, here and now,” said the UWD activist.

Another group of about 200 students from U.S. Grant High School in Oklahoma did a similar activity.

On the other hand, in Washington DC, about 300 students marched to demand the reinstatement of DACA and Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and ensured that “immigrants are welcome here,” according to UWD.

The students, who departed from several public transportation stations, gathered in front of the Supreme Court to advocate for DACA and TPS.

Some of the activists posed for a photo with the butterfly symbol that identifies them, forming the slogan “Here to Stay” in front of the Supreme Court headquarters.

“Young people know that DACA is the least we can do to ensure that immigrants and all of us have the right and opportunity to emerge,” Efe Karla Aguirre, a UWD activist, said in a statement.

The slogan “Home is here,” which identified today’s march, was also chanted by nearly 100 students from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, who walked on the campus of this private study center.

Similarly, a demonstration organized by the University of Chicago’s Coalition for Immigrant Rights (UCCIR) was held on the campus of that graduate school.

Similar marches are also planned this Friday in Phoenix (Arizona) and Santa Cruz (California).

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