Toronto (Canada), Jan. 10 – Marc Gasol, the Spanish center of the Toronto Raptors, could rejoin the team on Sunday when the Canadian team faces the San Antonio Spurs, team coach Nick Nurse said Friday.

Nurse said that both Gasol and Pascal Siakam and Norm Powell, who were also injured, like the Spanish player, on December 18 in the game that the Raptors played against the Detroit Pistons, could return to the courts on Sunday.

“Norm and Marc and Pascal were (today) having a little more activity. They really were not part of the training. We separated them. They were playing, not exactly strong but they were playing basketball of some action, of medium action, while the rest were with our regular training, “said Nurse.

Nurse later said that the Powell escort was the one most likely to return to the field on Sunday despite initially thinking he was the one who would be away from the courts the longest.

“He will be ready to play, I think, unless something changes between today and Sunday,” he said to add next that it was a bit “ambitious” to think that Gasol and Siakam would also be ready against the Spurs.

Gasol, 34, suffered a muscle injury in his left leg, specifically in the hamstrings, eight minutes after the start of the game against the Pistons.

Although four of the Raptors’ starting players are injured, in addition to Gasol, Siakam and Powell the base Fred VanVleet is also down, the Canadian team, which last year won the NBA championship, has managed to stay in the first places of the classification of the Eastern Conference.

Today, the Raptors occupy the fourth place, behind the Milwaukee Bucks, the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics.

Nurse acknowledged today that the great game that has deployed the Raptors bench during the prolonged low of the headlines will raise the starting quintet once you have at your disposal all the template.

For his part, Siakam acknowledged that it was difficult and “stressful” to be off the court for several weeks and that if it had been for him, he would have started playing again two weeks ago.

Siakam joked that the hardest part is “sitting in a street dress on the bench. Serge (Ibaka) probably enjoys it. But it’s hard for me to decide what clothes to wear for each game.”

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