The executive directors of 145 companies requested in a letter sent today to the Senate to act against the violence with firearms in the country, after the massacres in August in El Paso (Texas) and Dayton (Ohio).

“We urge the Senate to stand with the American people and take action on gun safety by passing a law requiring background checks (on buyers) on all gun sales,” the companies’ officials said.

Among the signatories of the letter are the directors of companies such as Twitter, Uber, Levi Strauss, Yelp, Reddit or Havas Group.

In the text, they recall that every day 100 Americans are shot dead and hundreds are injured; and that in recent weeks there have been shootings in different parts of the country.

“This is a public health crisis that demands urgent action. As leaders of the most respected companies in the United States and those with significant business interests in the United States, we write to you because we have a responsibility and obligation to stand with our employees, customers, and all Americans,” the statement says.

In that sense, they found inaction on gun violence “simply unacceptable.

“Gun violence in the U.S. is not inevitable, it is preventable. There are measures that Congress can and should take to prevent and reduce gun violence,” they added. “We need legislators to support common-sense gun laws that could prevent tragedies like these”.

The August 3rd shooting in El Paso, which left 22 dead in one of its department stores, occurred hours before another in a popular entertainment area in the town of Dayton, Ohio, which resulted in nine deaths.

Then, on August 31st, seven people died and 25 were injured in Odessa (Texas) in another shooting, the perpetrator of which was killed by the police.

These attacks have revitalized the debate over the need to tighten gun control in the country, where Congress has not passed a law significantly limiting gun ownership for more than two decades, in part due to the influence of the powerful National Rifle Association (NRA).

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