The president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, said Monday that going to visit his U.S. counterpart, Donald Trump, to celebrate the entry into force of the new trade treaty between Mexico, the United States and Canada (T-MEC) does not make him a “traitor”.

“I don’t have a problem with my conscience because I’m going to the United States if I have always, all my life, maintained that Mexico is a free, independent and sovereign country all the time. I am not a traitor, to say it clearly,” he said in his morning conference from the National Palace.

The Mexican president made these statements because of the controversy that has arisen in the country since he announced his trip to Washington since some voices assure that a weakened Donald Trump could use his presence there to campaign for the November elections.

“It’s going to be a political meeting in the good sense of politics, which has to do with my powers, which the Constitution gives me, which it grants me,” he said before admitting that he doesn’t know if Canadian President Justin Trudeau will also be there.

Over the past week, some of López Obrador’s statements were made in the social networks, when he was a candidate for the presidency, threatening to denounce Trump before the UN for his treatment of migrants.

In response to the criticism, Lopez Obrador declared that the visit would take place at “a very opportune moment” since the trade alliance that will come into effect on July 1 “will help to reactivate the economy, will help Mexico.

“This relationship is very important to us. In addition, there has been respect from President Donald Trump for our government. There has been a relationship of mutual respect. I will say no more. Even President Trump’s speech in relation to Mexico has been more respectful than how it was expressed before, which we appreciate very much,” he said.

The president highlighted the economic capacity of the United States, an important ally for Mexico, as it is “the strongest market and economy in the hemisphere.

“We are talking about an economy that, measured in terms of GDP, means more than $20 trillion. Just to face the crisis they are allocating 13% of the GDP. If it’s 20 trillion dollars, 13% is around 3 trillion dollars to face the crisis,” he stressed, after indicating that this comes to Mexico through remittances.

“You can have a very good relationship with a country like the United States, which is a neighboring country, maintaining our decorum, our dignity, our sovereignty,” he stressed.

Lopez Obrador recalled that his intention is to make this trip “on a commercial route”, not by private plane and that from Mexico he will only be accompanied by the foreign minister, Marcelo Ebrard, the head of the presidential office, Alfonso Romo, and the secretary of economy, Graciela Márquez.

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