More than 50 Latino religious leaders in the United States have expressed their support for Joe Biden’s presidential candidacy by stating that voting for the Democrat is an option for those who choose to live according to “the principles that Jesus teaches us.

The message was led by the ecumenical group Faith2020, which says it represents “an incredibly diverse coalition of church denominations, community development organizations, social services and advocacy groups.

“As an immigrant raised in the United States for 34 years, voting is important,” said Faith2020’s Tatianna Torres. “I am a Hispanic woman of evangelical faith. This moment is very important to me.

Felice Gorordo, a Miami businessman and community leader, said that “we are at a crossroads, as a nation and as a people.

“As Joe (Biden) has said countless times, this is truly a battle for the soul of our nation. And there can be no greater difference between Joe and the man who currently occupies the White House,” he added in reference to President Donald Trump.

With 41 days left in the national election, polls show Biden leading Trump by about 10 percentage points, seeking re-election. Among Latino voters, the difference in favor of Biden is even greater.

Torres described it as a “perversion of his faith to serve Trump’s political agenda, an agenda inconsistent with the values and scriptures of his faith.

“When the rights of others are deliberately violated and faith is used to enact an agenda and actions that are not aligned with values and the Gospel, we cannot remain silent,” she added.

“There are countless human rights issues that this Administration has violated that are vital, such as educational opportunities, food security, prison reform, and racial justice. We must not make this a single-issue choice. We cannot stand by and watch,” Torres said.

For his part, Gorordo stated that “if we want to ensure a better life and future for our families, if we really want to put our faith into action and live according to the principles Jesus teaches us in the Gospel, the choice is clearly Joe Biden.

The list of signatories includes Noel Castallanos, Lydia Pena, Eli Valentin, Walter Contreras, Ray Rivera, Elizabeth D. Rios, Arturo Vargas, Jose Luis Casal, Jordan Morales, Vince Gonzales, F. Salvador Orellana, Maria-Manuela Diez, Lorenzo Pedro, Marco Grimaldo, Salvador Orellana, Aline Silva, Yenny Delgado and Michael Vasquez.

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