Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris said that there are “two systems of justice” in the country, in terms of the disparities that exist in the application of the law to whites and blacks.

“The reality of the United States today, and this is what we have seen for generations and, frankly, since our beginnings, is that we have two systems of justice,” Harris said in an interview with the U.S. network CNN broadcast Sunday.

The Democratic leader said so when asked about some statements that the Attorney General, William Barr, gave to the network last Wednesday, in which he considered that there are not two systems of justice in the country.

“I think that (U.S. President) Donald Trump and Bill Barr are spending full time in a different reality,” added former Vice President Joe Biden’s running mate, who will represent the Democratic Party in the November 3 elections in the United States.

“I don’t think most reasonable people,” Harris insisted, “who are paying attention to the facts are questioning the existence of racial disparities and a system that has dedicated itself to racism in terms of how laws have been applied.

For the also Senator and former California Attorney General, there is no point in “denying that” and she mentioned that if you look at the numbers and provide them
In the case of a black man, it is “more likely” that he will be “arrested without probable cause.
“Let’s deal with it, let’s be honest. These may be difficult conversations for some, but they’re not difficult conversations for leaders, not for real leaders,” he said.


Asked about Jacob Blake, the young African-American man who was shot seven times in the back by a white police officer when he was trying to arrest him, Harris said, based on what she has seen, that charges should be considered for the officer involved, although she admitted that she is not “in full possession of the facts and evidence” surrounding that case.

“We have to agree that we cannot have a system that does not require accountability and consequences for everyone who breaks the rules or the law. And that includes police officers,” said the vice presidential hopeful, who also defended the “right to due process” for police officers.

And with regard to what happened in the city of Rochester, in upstate New York, where another African-American, Daniel Prude, died in March at the hands of police officers, although that fact was only known last Wednesday, Harris trusted that the prosecutors “will review all the evidence and make the right decision.

The seven police officers involved were suspended, but that measure has not calmed the protests in that locality.


On the other hand, he criticized the Trump government for “minimizing the severity” of the coronavirus pandemic, which leaves more than 6.2 million people infected and 188,000 dead in the country.

In addition, he considered that the ruler, who will seek reelection in November, has failed to address the unemployment caused by the health crisis -which rose from 3.5% in February to 14.4% in April, when the greatest impact of the containment measures was felt, and last August fell to 8.4%-, since “he has not managed to address the pandemic itself.

“We have to talk about how the economy is doing based on how the workers are doing and right now the workers are suffering,” he said.

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