Ivanka Trump, the advisor and daughter of President Donald Trump, will make a tour of Colombia, Argentina and Paraguay in early September to strengthen the region’s initiative to empower women economically, the government said today.

Ivanka will be accompanied on her trip, from September 3rd to the 6th, by Undersecretary of State John Sullivan.

“This trip will further strengthen U.S. alliances in the region on women’s empowerment (…) and economic and political integration,” the State Department said in a statement.

This past February, Ivanka Trump presented the Global Initiative for Women’s Development and Prosperity, signed by Trump, which seeks to develop new programs to encourage women’s education, facilitate financial support and promote reforms in developing countries to break down potential barriers.

Previously, in 2017, launched another similar program, 2X America, through which the country will allocate 150 million dollars and seek private sector investment to facilitate access to capital for women entrepreneurs in Latin America.

Since coming to the White House as an advisor, Ivanka Trump, 37, businesswoman, has made the incorporation of women into the workforce and the support of women entrepreneurs one of the main focuses of her work within the government.

“Many times we talk about the empowerment of women as a matter of social justice, which is, but it is also an issue of Gross Domestic Product and also has a national security component and we see it in the correlation between countries that discriminate against women and the risk of conflict,” she said in her recent participation in the World Summit on Entrepreneurship (GES) held in Holland.

In this sense, she remarked that the country is trying to “feed entrepreneurship, allowing women in the developed world to advance, giving them access to capital, a network of contacts and different markets.

In its latest budget initiative, Trump included for the first time in the country a proposal for maternity and paternity leave designed by Ivanka for a value of $25 billion over the next 10 years.

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