The Iranian Parliament on Tuesday unanimously approved a motion called “harsh revenge” that qualifies the Pentagon and the US Army as terrorist forces, in retaliation for the murder of Revolutionary Guard General Qasem Soleimaní.

This motion is an amendment to a previously ratified bill that declared the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) as a terrorist organization, a reciprocal measure for Washington’s listing of the Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist group.

The Speaker of the Iranian Parliament, Ali Lariyani, explained in the session that with today’s measure the House announces that “all members of the Pentagon, commanders, agents and those responsible for the martyrdom of General Soleimaní are identified as terrorist forces”.

“Following the cruel measure of the United States to assassinate General Soleimani, whose responsibility was accepted by the American president, we modified the previous law,” said Lariyaní, quoted by the official media.

Soleimani, in charge as commander of the Quds Force of the operations outside Iran of the Revolutionary Guard, died last Friday in a selective American bombing in Baghdad, in which the vice-president of the Iraqi People’s Multitude militia, Abu Mahdi al Mohandes, also died.

In his speech, the Speaker of Parliament also said that “the brutal act of the US President (Donald Trump) is a terrorist war operation that hides in its heart a total lack of respect for the nation of Iraq”.

“The Iranian people will not forgive him. You will taste the punishment of this cruel act for which you are responsible and with which you have endangered the security of the region; you must be held accountable,” Lariyaní added, addressing Trump.

Furthermore, in today’s session, with the permission of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, it was decided to dedicate, according to Lariyani, 200 million euros to the Revolutionary Guard to reinforce this elite military body.

After the adoption of the motion, the MEPs shouted “Death to America”, as they did in a session two days ago.

On the other hand, the head of the legal and juridical committee of the Parliament, Alahyar Malekshahí, informed that they are preparing a complaint against the US Government and President Donald Trump, which they will send to the International Criminal Court and the UN Secretary General.

Soleimaní will be buried on this day in Kerman, his native city, where his body was received by tens of thousands of people, a multitudinous tribute that has been repeated in several cities of Iran.

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