Several vessels of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards tried unsuccessfully this Wednesday to intercept a British oil tanker that was sailing through the Strait of Hormuz, according to US officials quoted by local media.

The British ship named The British Heritage left the Persian Gulf and sailed through the Strait of Hormuz when five Iranian boats approached him and ordered it to divert its course towards the waters of Tehran, according to the US version of events.

The Iranians, however, retracted when the frigate HMS Montrose, belonging to the British Royal Navy and escorting the freighter from a distance, pointed to the boats and ordered them to withdraw.

No shots were fired during the incident.

According to CNN, the sequence was recorded by a US aircraft that flew over the area, although the supposed video has not been disclosed.

A spokesman for the US Central Command, Captain Bull Urban, confirmed in a statement that Washington is “aware of the information” about the incident.

If confirmed, this new incident would be added to those that have occurred in the area in recent weeks and that have escalated the tensions between Washington and Tehran.

On June 20, Iran shot down a drone of the US Navy when, according to Tehran, it entered their airspace for surveillance tasks, but, according to the Pentagon, the device was on reconnaissance mission over international waters.

US president Donald Trump, ordered an attack on Iran in response to the demolition of the drone, although at the last minute he suspended it because of the high number of victims he said it would cause.

Days earlier, the United States had already blamed Iran for attacks on two tankers – one Japanese and one Norwegian – that carried 44 people on board and suffered explosions as they left the Strait of Hormuz.

Tehran, meanwhile, has denied any involvement in the attacks.

These incidents further increased the tensions between the United States. and Iran, a relationship that has deteriorated since Trump decided to withdraw his country from the nuclear agreement with Iran and the European powers in May 2018.

A decision that accompanied the resumption of sanctions against the Islamic Republic lifted under the pact and reinforced last May with the purpose of exemptions to other countries for the purchase of Iranian crude.

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