Traditionally, the Spanish right-wing is quite pusillanimous, shameful and, one could say, cowardly, but the performance of the right-wing in recent years goes beyond all those adjectives and almost becomes an accomplice to the excesses of a PSOE that during the period of the accident, Machiavellian and Satanist Rodriguez Zapatero, and following with his leading student, the greatest liar, braggart, arrogant, useless, inept and incompetent of all the rulers Spain has had in the last 200 years, Pedro Sanchez, have been able to give their souls to the devil himself in order to lead the destruction of Spain.

It is evident that the government of Spain is totally infiltrated by agents of the intelligence services of Iran and Venezuela, headed by the number one of the most notorious, cynical and treacherous ”agents of influence”: Pablo Iglesias.

Zapatero y su embajador en Venezuela, Raul Morodo, EFE.

That Rodríguez Zapatero made a pact with ETA and legalized a party called Bildu, which is now a partner in the government made up of socialists and communists, gave rise to a character like Sánchez now occupying the head of the government.

It is very sad to see how a great nation, Spain, which always, even in the lowest moments of its history, knew how to preserve its pride and independence, is now succumbing to the machinations of a couple of political pimps, such as Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias, orchestrated by the “miners”, owners of gold mines in Venezuela, the number one prevaricator of Spanish politics, the unspeakable José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, alias Shoemaker, are plundering and destroying Spain.

But it is sadder to see how men of honour, belonging to the noble Armed Forces, Guardia Civil and National Police, become subordinate to a pair of traitors to Spain.

We wonder: How will they feel? Will they be aware that a couple of individuals owe them respect and subordination? Will they remember that they are obeying a couple of traitors who, day by day, little by little, deliberately and sinisterly are undermining the foundations of the institutions they swore to defend?

Are they aware that the justice system in Spain, in most cases and with very worthy exceptions, is being controlled, gagged and in many cases corrupted?

Are they perhaps waiting for the Head of State, with the title of king, Philip VI, to wake up from his lethargy and realize that he is on the throne, not only to be the representative of the state before foreign powers, or to collect illicit commissions as his father has done for many years, but also to be in charge of the destiny of the country, to watch over it and to be the faithful guardian of the fundamental rights of all Spaniards, in accordance with the present Constitution?

If you’re waiting for that order, you can sit tight.
Philip VI, on this scale, is neither here nor expected.

It is ironic how Vice President Iglesias conspires to lead a coup d’état freely and openly from the very government in which he is a principal part when in reality it is the State itself that should, and urgently should carry out a coup d’état, with the sessions of the Courts being closed, The King, in his capacity as Head of State, called for an emergency government, with constitutionalist parties, which as one of their first actions would be to outlaw any party that promoted treason and the break-up of Spain, such as Bildu and the wide range of Catalan and other separatist parties.

But in reality, as several members of the armed forces, civil guard and national police services, including members of the CNI, commented in recent meetings, it is perhaps hoped that when Iglesias, Zapatero, Abalos, and others, are on trips abroad, they will be detained by order of a New York federal court on criminal charges of belonging to a criminal gang and that the famous law known as RICO will be applied to them.

What we are sure of is that an arrest warrant has already been issued for these elements, which has not yet been made public, so as not to alert them.

Has the ineffable Iglesias come to think that the 28 agents of the Guardia Civil who serve as protection and custody of him and his concubine could be, at the same time, those who with a certain order, would be the same ones who would carry out his arrest?

Do you realize that there are Bejaranos in your own environment, in Madrid, Granada, Seville, and Leon, with their Air Academy and their recent problems, to name a few of our favourite cities?

We think that Sánchez, Iglesias, Zapatero, etc., will not be very happy with the arrest of Alex Saab, who, supposedly, since last Saturday is already on American soil and is being interviewed and interrogated by members of various American agencies.

Are Zapatero, Sánchez and Iglesias aware that they are coming to light and confirming, with Saab’s statements, the great participation of the Mafia composed of Maduro, the Suns’ Cartel and those who collaborated and continue to collaborate with them in the introduction of drugs in the United States and Europe?

Is Iglesias aware that there is knowledge of his participation, both active and passive, in the introduction of Onion agents, of the Iranian VAJA, also known as MOIS, and of the Venezuelan SEBIN, where they were provided with documents accrediting them as Venezuelan citizens, and once they had been transferred to Caracas to facilitate their clandestine entry into the United States to foment discontent and agitation for whatever reason?

Paz Esteban López, Directora del CNI. EFE

How can CNI officials feel when they know their identities, coverages, methods of operations, camouflages, devices, etc, through the agent of influence Pablo Iglesias and with the consent and approval of another agent of influence, Pedro Sánchez, would be passing all kinds of Spanish intelligence information to the regime of the Mature Drug Trafficker, the Suns’ Cartel and the Iranian and Venezuelan intelligence services as well as the activities that the CNI carries out in Arab countries, parts of the world where it predominantly operates sometimes alone and others in collaboration with the famous MOSSAD?

It’s not even that a former head of Spanish military counter-intelligence frequented the offices of the Russian Embassy any more. That same military man, with the motive of one of the celebrations of a Dyad in Catalonia, allowed the entry into Spanish airspace, in the area of Catalonia, so that the Russians would have direct knowledge of the greater or lesser success of the demonstrations, and thus Russia could accept or deny the aid requested by the Catalan Generalitat, at that time headed by Puigdemont, to help them with weapons to achieve their independence, if not now, they are executive members of the government itself.

The Spanish government should try, as urgently as possible, to “locate” where the former head of Venezuelan intelligence, former General “Pollo” Carvajal, is being held.

Finally, we can only point out that, according to very confidential information, Pablo Iglesias, through a well-known lawyer, is trying to connect unofficially with American intelligence agencies in order to provide information about his partners in his Iranian and Venezuelan adventures, trying to exonerate himself as much as possible and focusing most of his responsibilities on his “partners” Sánchez, Zapatero, Monedero and Errejón.

Miembros del Gobierno de España.- EFE

The “Night of the Long Knives” has already begun between Iglesias and his associates, and so perhaps, Sanchez and the PSOE are opening up to the PP in order to remove the Poemites from power and continue Sanchez in government with a more moderate agency and seeing himself free of Iglesias.

Everything is possible in Granada, sorry, in this case, Spain.

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