The chip manufacturer Intel presented this Thursday a profit of $21,048 million at the end of its fiscal year 2019, slightly below the previous year’s profit of $21,053 million.

Over the past twelve months, the company based in Santa Clara (California, USA) earned $71,965 million, more than the $70,848 billed in 2018, but an increase in operating costs meant that this rise in turnover did not translate into increased profits.

For their part, Intel shareholders obtained a cumulative profit of $4.71 per share, up from $4.48 the previous year, because although profits fell, during the last financial year Intel repurchased a substantial number of its shares.

The company’s operating results (before interest and taxes) were 22,035 million in 2019, compared to 23,316 million in the previous twelve months.

Last year, the microprocessor manufacturer increased its long-term debt to $25,308 million, when it had closed 2018 with $25,098 million.

In terms of quarterly results, which were the most closely watched by analysts on Wall Street, Intel earned 6,905 million dollars between October and December last year, up from 5,195 million dollars in the same period last year.

In its last quarter of 2018, the Santa Clara-based company had a turnover of 18.657 billion dollars, 9.4% more than the amount earned between October and December 2017, while its shares earned investors a profit of 1.12 dollars per share, compared to a loss of 15 cents a year ago.

“In 2019, we are gaining market share in an expanding sector that demands more capacity to process, move and store data,” said the company’s financial advisor and interim CEO, Bob Swan, as he presented the results.

The results presented by Intel encouraged investors on Wall Street, and the company’s shares rose by 6.13 % to 67.20 dollars per share in electronic transactions after the close of the New York Stock Exchange.

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