Buenos Aires, Aug 26.- In Argentina they see with good eyes that Lionel Messi leaves Barcelona, ​​but they consider it very difficult for him to return to his native country to play for Newell’s Old Boys, the club in which he was formed and of which he is a fan.

Interviewed by Efe, several compatriots of Messi assured that it seems “good” or “logical” that the Albiceleste captain seeks to change teams, but they believe that the return to Argentina, if it happens, will be later.

“It seems very good to me, it is time for him to try another club, thus proving his hierarchy. I do not agree very much with the way he left. An 8-2 is not pleasant at all, but because of his career, because He grew up in that club, the exit is not the most correct. It seems to me good that he changes the air, that is good for him, “Julio, a passer-by from the province of Buenos Aires, told Efe.

For him, Messi will not return to Argentina and will return to Barcelona to retire, but “it is still too early for that.”

“Many journalists say that he goes to Manchester City or PSG, they are two powerful cadres with a lot of hierarchy. If he goes to City it is because his friend, ‘Kun’ (Sergio Agüero) is there, and if he goes to PSG he has many friends too” he added.

Mariana also agrees that the captain of the Argentine team leaves Barcelona because “it is not healthy” when one “works under negative pressure”.

“For your physical and mental well-being, it would be good if you go and try your luck elsewhere, it will go very well. I would like you to come and play here, but I don’t know. Over there in the United States because it seems that there is not so much pressure in football like in Italy or Spain or here, “he explained to Efe.

For Carlos, another Argentine who walked this Wednesday through the province of Buenos Aires, the departure of Messi from Barcelona is something “logical.”

“Time is up with Barcelona,” he told Efe.

“Where should he play? I would like him to come and play here, but we don’t have money to pay him. We are fourth, we are fifth in other factors more important than sports and soccer. Newell’s is too small for him, he is a Small club for the economic level we are talking about, “he said.

In the vast majority of polls conducted by local media, Manchester City appears as the most likely destination for Messi, followed by Paris Saint Germain.

Newell’s Old Boys appear in a distant third place and sometimes fourth or fifth behind Inter and Juventus or Manchester United.

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