Houston (USA), Jan. 25 – Power forward Serge Ibaka kept his inspiration incessantly and despite playing just 19 minutes as a reserve for the Toronto Raptors he was responsible for being important in the winning attack of the current champions of league, which extended their winning streak to six straight wins.

Together with Ibaka, his teammate, the center Marc Gasol, he also enjoyed the victory just like the base Ricky Rubio did, with the Phoenix Suns, and the power forward Juancho Hernangómez of the Denver Nuggets.

As usual, his brother Willy, received a few minutes with the Charlotte Hornets, who on their visit to Paris, followed the path of defeat, the eighth in a row.

Ibaka lived the opposite experience, was again important in the Raptors attack by contributing 14 points, after scoring 6 of 11 field shots, including the two triples he tried, without the personnel line, who helped them beat 112-118 visitors to the New York Knicks.

In addition, he put two caps and committed a personal foul.

Gasol played more minutes, 30 as a starter, and unlike Ibaka he did not have the same leveling efficiency by staying with six goals, but he did show his power inside the paint in the inside game with nine rebounds captured.

The medium of the Gasol brothers scored 2 of 5 field shots, which were both two triples of four attempts, and also did not go to the personnel line.

The Sant Boi player captured seven defensive rebounds, distributed four assists, lost the ball and committed three personal fouls.

Rubio maintained his prominence as a starter and team player by getting 11 points in the 34 minutes he played in the game won by the Suns who also won 99-103 visitors to the San Antonio Spurs and broke a streak of 11 consecutive losses in your visits to the city of Alamo.

The Masnou player scored 5 of 10 field shots, with a triple of two attempts, and failed the only personnel pitch he made.

Rubio captured two rebounds, distributed two assists and committed two personal fouls.

Juancho participated with the Nuggets of victory by playing four minutes of reserve in the game that the Denver team won at home (106-113) against the New Orleans Pelicans, who again had their rookie power forward Zion Williamson, that in the end could not be a winning factor.

The youngest of the Hernangómez brothers left without points by failing the only attempt he made to the basket, an attempt to triple, while capturing a rebound, gave an assists, recovered a ball, lost another and indicated a personal foul.

His brother, Willy, was in Paris, but the change of continent did not change his reserve status with a few minutes he receives from the coach of the Hornets who lost premises 103-116 to the Milwaukee Bucks and suffered the eighth consecutive defeat.

The former Real Madrid player spent eight minutes on the track and scored three points, which he got from the personnel line (3 of 4), in addition to failing the only field shot he made.

Willy also caught a rebound, gave an assist, lost a ball and committed three personal fouls.

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