Denver (USA), July 10 – Denver Broncos cornerback Chris Harris said he was happy with the team and his work, so he wants to “stay a long time” with that organization.

Harris, 30, had a one-year salary increase in May, but also had the ability to remain one of the best free agents next season, should he come to those circumstances.

If Harris stays healthy and continues to play at the pace that he is accustomed to his team and his fans, he will surely have a good contract by 2020.

“It’s a relief to go out on the field and concentrate on doing my thing this year, knowing that next year I’ll have the opportunity to charge and be able to direct the rest of my life and my career,” Harris told Good Morning Football.

Despite enjoying the ability to be a free agent next year, Harris expects his next contract to keep him in Denver, where he has played his entire career since he was not recruited in 2011.

“I’ve always wanted to retire as a Bronco,” he said, adding that “this is my ninth year, it will be a great year for me, so I hope that after this one they want to keep me here for life.”

If John Elway is willing to comply with Harris’ contractual demands (he did not accept a long-term deal this offseason) to keep him in Denver the rest of his career is something he must address after the next season to start.

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