Kamala Harris and Julian Castro are the best impression left among Hispanic voters after the first debate between candidates for the nomination by the Democratic Party for the 2020 presidential election, according to a survey released Tuesday.

A study by Latino Decisions and the North Star Opinion research institute for the Hispanic network Univision shows that after the debate held in Miami on June 26 and 27, Senator Kamala Harris, with 32%, and the former Secretary of Housing Julián Castro, with 28%, are the ones that performed better, according to the Hispanic voters surveyed.

After Harris and Castro, Senator Bernie Sanders, with 18%, and Senator Elizabeth Warren, with 17%, received a good impression, according to the study made to 411 eligible Latino voters between June 28 and 30.

Former vice president Joe Biden, a favorite in the polls according to the specialized portal Real Clear Politics, was in fifth place, with 16%, and hot on the heels of Warren, while former Texas congressman Beto O’Rourke scored 10%.

Even so, “none has emerged as a clear favorite among Latino voters” who watched the debate, which aired on the MSNBC network and the Hispanic Telemundo, according to a Latino Decisions press release.

Castro and Harris lead the table of the Democratic candidates with the best opinion among Hispanic voters, with 35 and 34 percentage points, respectively, that is, with little margin between them, and followed by Sanders (33%), Warren (31%) and Biden (23%).

“Overall, 68% of Latinos who watched the debate said they intend to vote for the Democratic presidential candidate in 2020, while 18% intend to vote for the Republican candidate for reelection, Donald Trump, the rest remains undecided” Latino Decisions said.

Castro was noted by 31% of the respondents as the best Democratic candidate to handle immigration reform, a section in which former Vice President Biden added 12 percentage points.

Sanders was the most recognized in terms of reducing health costs (23%) and those of university studies and the debt incurred to attend higher education (29%), while Harris, with 19%, was the most recognized in terms of gun control.

Respondents were asked about President Trump’s comments on immigrants during his rally in Orlando, central Florida, before the Democratic debate, which was divided in two days due to the number of candidates for the candidacy.

Two-thirds of potential Latino voters said listening to those statements “made them more likely to vote against Trump in 2020,” a fact that could suggest that campaign speeches focused on immigration policy could alienate the president of Hispanic voters.

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