Houston (USA), Jan. 12 – Another historic night that starred Houston Rockets star guard James Harden, reaching the individual mark of 20,000 points as a professional, in addition to helping his team to sign up a new victory in the day of the NBA.

While Los Angeles Lakers, despite playing without their stars and playing games on consecutive nights, they remained winners to get the eighth consecutive win.
Another team that was not affected by playing at night in a row were the Milwaukee Bucks that also beat and maintained their status as undisputed leaders of the league.

Harden, who surpassed 20,000 points as a professional, contributed a double-double of 32 goals, 12 rebounds and eight assists, which helped the Rockets show off with a comfortable win of 139-109 to the Minnesota Timberwolves.

The Rockets superstar became the 45th player in NBA history to reach 20,000 points and the seventh youngest.

Harden came to the game with 19,990 points and reached the mark with a triple that scored in the second period.

During the next break, the Rockets had already prepared a video to highlight the brand, which they showed to fans through television screens around the field of the Toyota Center in Houston.

The video introduced Harden as a Oklahoma City Thunder player when he achieved his first points in the NBA competition.

Also appeared images of when he scored a free kick that gave him 10,000 points and a repetition of the triple that put him with 20,000 points.

Together with Harden, the other great joy of the Rockets was to see the good performance of the German center Isaiah Hartenstein, second year as a professional, who left the post of the Swiss Clint Capela, injured, and contributed a double-double of 17 points , 15 rebounds, five blocks and two ball recoveries.

Power forward Kyle Kuzma contributed 36 points, his best mark so far this season, and emerged as the leader who led the Lakers to the 110-125 visitor victory to the Thunder, the eighth in a row.

The Lakers (32-7), who played matches on consecutive nights, this time the victory was achieved without forward LeBron James (sick with the flu) and centerman Anthony Davis (injured), his two star and franchise players, who saw the I find from the bench.

Veteran base Rajon Rondo also shined with a double-double of 21 points, 12 rebounds and eight assists that helped the Lakers win over the Oklahoma City team that had won 11 of 13 games before facing the Los Angeles team.

The Greek power forward Giannis Antetokounmpo regained his status as the undisputed leader of the Milwauke Bucks and with a double-double 32 points and 17 rebounds he was in charge of guiding the Bucks to a comfortable victory that got visitors from 101-122 to the Portland Trail Blazers.

Milwaukee achieved his third consecutive and eighth victory in the last 10 games, which allow him to secure with the best brand in the league, 35-6, so far this season.

Another European star who regained his status as an undisputed leader and also winner was the Slovenian base Luka Doncic, who did not have his best encester inspiration, but ended up with a double-double of 19 points, 12 assists and eight rebounds that helped the Mavericks of Dallas beat the Philadelphia Sixers 109-91 after a 12-point drawback.

Doncic scored 4 of 15 field shots, but managed 10 of 12 from the personnel line and the Rookie of the Year 2019, NBA leader with 11 triple-double was two rebounds from the twelfth.

Together with Doncic, Canadian power forward Dwight Powell also achieved a double-double of 19 points and 12 rebounds, which left him the leader of the Mavericks inside game, who recovered from the frustrating defeat they had suffered the night before. the Lakers (114-129).

Base Collin Sexton scored 25 points with the Cleveland Cavaliers, who gave the day’s surprise by defeating the Denver Nuggets 103-111 at home, who lost the advantage they had as leaders of the Northwest Division and now share it with the Utah Jazz (26-12), who rested, and also the second place of the Western Conference with the Rockets.

The Cavaliers contained a powerful Nuggets attack and won their second consecutive game and the second against a team with a winning record.

The forward Jayson Tatum achieved 41 points – his best professional brand – including six triples, and the Boston Celtics broke a streak of three consecutive losses, beating the New Orleans Pelicans by beating 140-105, who played games in nights in a row

The escort Zach LaVine got 25 points as the leading encester of the Chicago Bulls, who won visitors from 99-108 to the decimated Detroit Pistons, in a duel of losing teams.

The Bulls broke a streak of six straight losses and completed a four-game sweep of the regular season against the Detroit team.

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