Richard Pinedo, a young man who sold false bank accounts to companies to escape the obstacles imposed in the country, was sentenced today to six months in prison and six house arrest for identity theft in the framework of the investigation of the Russian plot.

A federal judge sentenced Pinedo to serve six months in prison for the crime of identity fraud in the context of these investigations, since some of that false bank information was marketed to a Russian company that tried to interfere in the elections of 2016 .

Pinedo’s conviction in a Washington court came after he reached a plea agreement with the team of Robert Mueller, the special prosecutor who investigates the Russian plot on the supposed coordination between the campaign of the now president, Donald Trump, and the Kremlin in the 2016 elections.

Pinedo argues that although he carried out these criminal activities under this company, he never knew what the company’s purposes were, which, although not specifically cited in Pinedo’s court documents, is extracted from other writings by Mueller’s team. the Internet Research Agency (IRA).

IRA is one of the Russian companies that is accused in the cause of the plot, in this case for creating false profiles in social networks to generate public opinion in favor of their interests in US policy.

This would have used the data provided by Pinedo to finance illegally, according to the prosecution.

According to the indictment against IRA, which began its activities in 2014, the entity falsely claimed that it was made up of US activists.

But it was in 2016 when he intensified his actions and certain people tried to favor Trump, paid others to achieve their goals and even contacted people linked to the mogul’s campaign hiding their identity.

Pinedo, a 28-year-old Californian, must also be under house arrest for another half year.

The sentence to Pinedo, the character of lower profile of the cause, is the third sentence of the Russian plot and the first without any link with Trump or his campaign, but faces the highest prison sentence.

Although different media have pointed out that Mueller’s investigation is in its final stage, the sentence on Trump’s former campaign chief, Paul Manafort, and White House National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, remains to be heard. that both agreed to cooperate.

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