The El Paso Border Patrol reported this Monday the arrest of a group of 194 undocumented immigrants on the southwest border of New Mexico, including a child under seven years of age who required hospitalization.

Border agents discovered the group early Sunday near the port of entry of Antelope Wells, according to a press release from the federal agency in which he said that immigrants were unaccompanied families and minors from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

Agents discovered among the group a child under seven years of age with a very high fever and was transported to a local hospital.

The child, who was traveling with one of his parents and was diagnosed with the flu, has been already discharged and is again in the custody of the Border Patrol, according to the agency.

This is the second largest group of immigrants that has been detained during the month of August in this sector.

The federal agency said that although there has been a decrease in detentions, border agents continue to arrest a high number of immigrants compared to last year.

“Large groups like these exacerbate the current immigration process that further affects our workforce, facilities and resources,” said the interim chief of the Border Patrol in the El Paso Sector Gloria Chavez.

During the current fiscal year 2019, which began on October 1, 172,000 arrests have been recorded in the El Paso Sector, a figure much higher than the 31,000 arrests recorded throughout the fiscal year 2018 in this area.

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