Beth Castro, daughter of Raul H. Castro, the first and only Mexican-American governor of Arizona (1975-1977), is not ruling out that in the near future this state will elect another Hispanic to be governor in an interview with Efe.

Castro told Efe that the state is showing promising “signs”, such as the election last November of Tucson’s first Latina mayor, Regina Romero.

He also highlighted the election of Kate Gallego, another Latina, as mayor of Phoenix in 2019.
“It may be, I hope, that very soon we will have another Latino governor,” said Castro, who traveled to Tucson to participate in a special presentation at the University of Arizona, where an exhibition is being held in her father’s honor.

Raul Hector Castro was the first and only Mexican-American governor Arizona has had, known to be a conservative Republican state.

Born in the Mexican state of Sonora in 1916, Raul H. Castro came to the United States at the age of 10. He graduated from the University of Arizona with a law degree, served as a judge, and years later made history by being elected in 1975 as the state’s first Latino governor.

To pay tribute to Castro, who died in 2015, the University of Arizona Library’s Special Collection opened a special exhibit this week called “The Life and Legacy of Raul H. Castro”.

The collection features dozens of Castro’s personal items, including books, photographs, drawings and letters he wrote while serving as ambassador to countries such as Argentina, El Salvador and Bolivia.

“Governor Castro was the first ‘dreamer’. He was born in Mexico, came to the United States at a very young age, and always showed his eagerness to succeed even though he had to fight discrimination,” Stephen Hussman, archivist for political affairs at the Special Collections of the University of Arizona Library, told Efe.
The exhibition will run until July 20.

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