Korea Namgang Trading Corporation and Benjing Sukbaso are the two North Korean companies that have been sanctioned by the US government, accusing them of “illegal export of workers” from North Korea to generate economic benefit for the US regime.

“Today’s action targets a North Korean trading corporation and a North Korean warehouse company based in China that were facilitating the shipment of North Korean workers abroad,” the Treasury Department announced in a statement.

As a result of the Treasury’s action, the assets these corporations may have under U.S. jurisdiction are frozen and they are prohibited from making financial transactions with U.S. citizens.

Korea Namgang Trading Corporation (NTC) is accused by the US government of having “taken part in, facilitated or been responsible for the export of North Korean workers including export aimed at generating profit” for the North Korean Workers’ Party, the only one in the country and to which the leader of this nation, Kim Jong Un, belongs”.

The Treasury Department says that in 2018, NTC kept North Korean workers in different countries, including Russia, Nigeria and numerous Middle Eastern states. The administration claims that the company took care of the visas, passports, and travel of the employees and then repatriated the funds to North Korea.

For its part, Benjing Sukaso, a North Korean warehouse company based in China, is blamed for providing material and financial assistance to NTC, for which it manages the bulk of its logistical needs.

In this regard, the Secretary of the Treasury, Steven T. Mnuchin, recalled that “the export of North Korean workers to obtain illicit economic benefit for the North Korean government is a violation of UN sanctions”.

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