Medellín (Colombia), Sep. 8 – Ethiopian Ayelu Abebe Hordofa and Kenyan Timothy Kipngetich Kemboi won the twenty-fifth Medellin Marathon on Sunday in finals in which Colombian fondistas failed to keep up the intense pace imposed by Africans.

Abebe Hordofa was the best among women with a record of 2 hours, 48 ​​minutes and 41 seconds, while among men the domain was Kipngetich Kemboi when stopping the stopwatches at 2h24: 51.

The Ethiopian, who led the test from start to finish, kept up a good pace during the 42-kilometer route to sign her victory without threats against Colombia’s Leidy Tobón, who crossed the finish line with a time of 2h50: 41, 55 seconds .

The Colombian also Yolanda Fernández, who reached nine minutes and 48 seconds from the champion, was third place.

In males, after the Kenyan Kipngetich Kemboi came the Ethiopian Daniel Aschenik Derese, with 2 hours, 26 minutes and 31 seconds.

“I felt very good throughout the competition and I was strong until the end. I would have liked a better time, but the weather was complicated,” he told Efe Kemboi, adding that “I felt strong in Ethiopia, but I could dominate to win”.

He added that after competing in Medellín, he will remain in Colombia to run the Bucaramanga Half Marathon and subsequently participate in the Los Andes International Marathon, in Huancayo (Peru).

Kemboi and Derese led the competition from the first kilometers with the Colombian Victor Hugo Ocampo, who finished in third place on the podium with a 2h19: 24 record.

This test, which reached 25 years with a broad dominance of African fondistas, is qualifying for the Boston Marathon this year.

In the half marathon there was revenge for the Kenyan Joseph Kiprono Kiptum, who in the previous edition was hit by a driver who violated the road closures of the race, the organizers reported at the time.

“I said he was coming back to win and I did it,” said Kiptum, who stopped the stopwatches in 1h04: 50 to take first place, while his compatriot Titus Kipjumba Mbishei was second with a time of 1h06: 07 after staying a little at final.

The Peruvian René Champi Huarca was the best Latin American in the test to finish third with a 1h07: 36 figure.

In the women’s branch, Tigist Teshome Ayanu extended the triumphs of Ethiopia in Medellin, finishing first in the half marathon with a 1h15: 05 mark after a good dispute with the Colombian Carolina Tabares, who crossed the finish line 15 seconds later.

The good participation of Latin Americans was completed by Peruvian Zaida Dinas Ramos at the end of third at a minute 17 seconds of Ayanu.

15,000 athletes participated in the test at distances of 42, 21.10 and 5 kilometers.
“We have matured the race, it is already mentioned in the world. That was the dream we had 25 years ago, when Medellin was convulsed with violence.

We managed to generate positive things, “Gustavo Orozco, director of the competition, told Efe.

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