The democrats who are playing “prosecutors” in the political trial of President Donald Trump presented their arguments today to show that the president has abused his power and that the only thing that has guided him in his relationship with Ukraine has been his personal interest.

“The President’s conduct is bad, it is illegal, it is dangerous, and it encompasses the worst fears of the Fathers of our Constitution. This conduct is not ‘America first’ but ‘Donald Trump first,'” warned one of the “prosecutors,” Jerrold Nadler, chairman of the Lower House Judiciary Committee, to members of the Senate, where the impeachment process is taking place.

The “impeachment”, as the trial is called, entered its third day today, after a first day to discuss the rules that will govern the process and a second, in which the “prosecutors” began to explain their arguments against Trump with a review of the chronology of the main milestones of the case.

The indictment will detail throughout today and tomorrow the reasons why he blames Trump for abuse of power, and will devote Friday to the other charge against him, of obstruction of Congress.

Nadler described the accusations against the president “as the most serious charges ever brought against a president”.

The case was triggered by an informant’s complaint to the intelligence services about a phone call in July between Trump and his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodimir Zelenski, in which the American asked the Ukrainian to investigate one of his political rivals, former Vice President Joe Biden, and his son Hunter for alleged corruption in the country.

Nadler insisted that “Trump went even further” by withholding military assistance to Ukraine and making a meeting with Zelenski at the White House conditional on Kiev starting investigations against the Benders.

The Democrats also tried to dismantle Trump’s allegation that Biden was involved in corrupt practices in Ukraine.

In this regard, the “prosecutor”, Sylvia Garcia, said in her speech that the suspicions about Biden “are completely unfounded”.

To support this claim, Garcia detailed the efforts in 2016 of the then vice president to help Kiev fire the attorney general, Viktor Shokin. In the opinion of the government at the time, according to García, Shokin was not doing enough to end corruption in the European country.

Shokin had previously investigated the Ukrainian gas company Burisma, whose board of directors included Hunter Biden, but when the vice-president pressed for Shokin’s dismissal those investigations were “inactive”, the democrat said.

“There is no comparison whatsoever between what he (Biden) did and President Trump’s abuse of power,” the prosecutor said, adding that Biden asked Kiev to investigate the Democrat based on “a made-up theory that nobody agreed with.

The “prosecutors” accompanied their interventions with video excerpts from the appearances of the witnesses who have testified in the last few months before various committees of the Lower House and brought out the heavy artillery with testimonies given in the past by Trump’s lawyers contradicting their current positions.

Schiff went further, going back to the 2016 election, to recall that Trump circulated “a very specific conspiracy theory” about infiltrating the email servers of the Democratic National Committee and of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the rival of the now president in the election four years ago, who defended that it was Ukraine and not Russia that hacked into those accounts.

“This theory was brought to you by the Kremlin,” said the head of the “prosecutors,” Adam Schiff, who noted that the president made that hypothesis his own.

To support these words, the Democrat evoked statements by Russian President Vladimir Putin, in which he stated: “Thank God, no one is accusing us of interfering in the US elections.

“Well,” Schiff continued, “you have to give credit for this to Donald Trump. He has made Vladimir Putin a religious man’, which he chuckled at from time to time in the Chamber.

It will not be until Saturday that the president’s defense will begin to present its allegations, which today have been advanced as being “vigorous”.

“We’re hearing the same thing over and over again,” one of Trump’s lawyers, Jay Sekulow, complained to reporters, referring to the prosecution’s arguments.

“This is the way they’re going to make their case. I assure you of one thing: ‘We will put up a vigorous defense with facts and rebutting what you have said. Our job is to defend the president, the office of the President”.

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