Last Tuesday, January 5th, the runoffs election for the representatives of the Senate for the State of Georgia took place. This election was crucial to decide who would take over the power of the U.S. Senate.

Jon Ossoff (33), an old acquaintance for the residents of the suburbs of Atlanta, was again facing David Perdue (71) in the same way that the Reverend Raphael Warnock (51) was facing Kelly Loeffler (55), who had never won an election at the state level.

In a decisive election, the key to winning and deciding the future of the Senate was the turnout. The turnout of North and South Georgia counties for the Republicans as well as the turnout of the Atlanta suburbs and the African American community for the Democrats.

Donald Trump conceded a rally hours before the polls opened asking his supporters to go out and vote so that the Republicans could maintain their power. The same way Biden did the same thing but in a rally full of cars to keep the safety distance in the midst of a new wave of the pandemic in the country.

The runoffs of the elections in Georgia have reached a record turnout. More than three million people had already cast their votes early by January 5th, a sign that the people of the state of Georgia knew the importance of going to the polls and voting to decide the future of the Senate.

In the early hours of January 6th, the victory of the Reverend Raphael Warnock over Kelly Loeffler was confirmed, with 50.8% against the 49.2% achieved by the Republican candidate. However, the second senatorial race was much closer than the one between Warnock and Loeffler.

In fact, while the Capitol was being stormed by Trump supporters to prevent the Senate from confirming Biden as the future president of the United States, Jon Ossoff had also won his Senate race against David Perdue with 50.4% of the votes against 49.6% for the Republican Perdue.
This news, as expected, remained in the background for a few hours.

With the two senatorial races in Georgia won by Ossoff and by Warnock, the Democrats have taken over the power of the Senate. The Democrats now have the same number of representatives in the Senate as the Republicans, but in the event of a tie, it will be Kamala Harris as Senate President, who will play off in this case in favour of the Democrats.
Joe Biden will have an easier start to his presidency by taking control of both the Congress and the Senate.

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