The former mayor of New York and new Democratic candidate for the White House Michael Bloomberg has become in just one week the second candidate who has spent more money during this primary campaign, with an advertising outlay of more than 57 million dollars.

The billionaire tycoon, who decided to run for the Democratic Party nomination last November 27, is currently only beaten by the billionaire candidate Tom Steyer, who to date, and since July, has spent about 60 million dollars on advertising.

However, Bloomberg has surpassed in advertising spending per week the former president of the United States Barack Obama, who until now held that record.

In the last week, the businessman has broadcast a series of commercials, mainly on television, highlighting the candidate’s stance on issues such as health, arms control and climate change.

In those ads calling for “rebuilding America,” Bloomberg emphasizes his success in business and job creation and his management of New York City in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks.

In addition to television, and according to Advertising Analytics data collected by CNBC, the advertising tools used by the candidate include advertisements on search engines such as Google, where he has invested about 4.1 million dollars, and “spots” on Facebook, where he has paid up to 1 million dollars.

Bloomberg, whose wealth is estimated by Forbes at about $54 billion, is a billionaire businessman and philanthropist who decided to run late in the Democratic primaries with the ultimate goal of beating President Donald Trump, whose policies he calls “reckless and unethical.

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