Mayor of New York Bill de Blasio, promised today to make the city that governs “the most just city in the United States” with policies focused on the improvement of health care, the expansion of labor rights, the protection of tenants or the improvement of the transportation system. “New York is the best city in the world and now we need it to be the best city to live in, this is what it means to be the most just city in the United States and this is what New Yorkers deserve,” De Blasio said during sixth annual speech since he assumed the position.

In his speech, he broke down the agenda for 2019, which highlighted some of the projects previously announced as the extension of health coverage to all citizens or the implementation of 10 days of paid holidays for workers.
He also promised the transformation of the Consumer Department, in the Department of Consumer Protection and Labor, to “better protect workers (with less income) and consumers.”

Among the proposals to improve workers’ situations, the development of legislation to expand access to pension plans in the city, where, he said, 40 percent of workers between 50 and 64 years, have less of $ 10,000 saved for retirement.

He also showed his willingness to defend the tenants, as part of an urban strategy to deal with the increasing cost of housing. The improvement of the bus and ferry network, or the extension of the municipal program for the schooling of three-year-old children, were other points of his political agenda for 2019 that De Blasio also developed in his appearance.

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