COVID-19: China’s attempt to sabotage Trump’s re-election


The coronavirus born in Wuhan, China increasingly points to the links of the globalist elite with the Communist Party of that country (CCP) and makes the existence of a merger with big pharma more credible.

There seems to be nothing that the CCP won’t do, and we see the same thing in many parts of their system, including in the area of medicine, where altering the human genome is not considered a big problem.

A critical aspect of globalist control is the compliance and acceptance by the population of allopathic medicine and medical orthodoxy. The Hegelian dialectic was a critical process by which the ruling elite was creating a problem, anticipating the response of the population to the crisis and making people aware of the need for change.

People like to hide what they don’t want to see from their eyes, the new coronavirus could be just another experimental test of their system and our reactions. The Wuhan virus looks like a brilliant bioengineered attack on the U.S. intended to sabotage Trump’s re-election.

The PCC could have spawned the virus in Wuhan’s P4 lab, then hid behind the World Health Organization (WHO) shield, then vacuumed up all the personal protective equipment in the world, and allowed the virus to spread beyond its borders.

We are also witnessing how the PCC had a huge impact on the scientific community, major news agencies and the media during the pandemic.
Why is this allowed to continue in the United States?

In an article published in China, a representative of the Beijing CCP threatened to impose export controls on pharmaceuticals, after which the United States would be “plunged into the mighty sea of the coronavirus” because of the lack of medical products.

Currently, there is no approved vaccine for several coronaviruses, we still don’t have a vaccine for SARS and HIV/AIDS, and now hackers associated with China are trying to steal U.S. intellectual property for COVID-19 research, treatment and testing,19 the FBI warned.

The blocking of the pandemic is not really based on science or national policy, we are guided by people who have no real scientific basis for their claims. Much of our public policy in the fight against the pandemic was based on false scientific evidence, and “the absurdly exaggerated claims of so-called scientific moderators that led to the greatest economic disaster in history, caused by itself.

Obviously, misinformation was then used, leading the American people to believe that this bioengineered pandemic was much worse than it really is. The erroneous prediction after the forecast, starting with the WHO report, was a reference that in no way justified the closure of the United States, the model (now confirmed as a complete fraud) was used to persuade President Donald Trump to close the country’s economy.

In an earlier version of the imperial model, for example, he estimated that the coronavirus would be as severe as the flu in terms of the need for hospitalization of those infected. That turned out to be incorrect.

The latest controversy centers on concern about the Center for Disease Control (CDC), which has doctored some statistics, such as the death rate and the number of cases by as much as 25%. In January, CDC director Anthony Fauci told us not to worry about the coronavirus, and that wearing a mask doesn’t make sense.

In his speech in the Senate, he said, “if we open up too fast we’re going to die, and if we don’t open up fast enough, people are going to die too,” which shows a complete contradiction.

It is supposed to be science, that you should be transparent with your reasoning, but it is not “wear a mask, don’t wear a mask. Don’t worry about the coronavirus. Never reopen the schools until we have a vaccine. That’s a lot of positions, and they’re all very different.

The PCC narrative is that the virus originated “in nature.” And it says the best evidence shows that the virus behind the pandemic was not made in a laboratory.

However, French professor Luc Montagnier, who shared the 2008 Nobel Prize for the discovery of the HIV genome, claimed that the new coronavirus had been designed and created by molecular biologists in a laboratory. Montagnier deduced that a man-made virus whose genome consists of a “clockwork of sequences” and includes elements of HIV – could not have been assembled by amateurs.

This predicament inevitably leads to behaviours associated with the coronavirus response, such as faulty medical policy, falsified COVID-19 statistics, suspicious hospital deaths, unsafe protocols, and guidelines with constantly changing mixed messages.

Of the more than $3.6 billion spent worldwide each year on health services, an incalculable amount is drained through corruption. Major government health programmes invite large-scale corruption.

Conflicts of interest play a role, as recipients of research grants and consulting fees recommend against a cheaper, longer-lasting drug such as hydroxychloroquine (an anti-malarial drug) and “promote newer, much more expensive drugs” such as Remdesivir.

Medical decisions are often made without perfect data, but the evidence that hydroxychloroquine is at least 91% effective in curing the initial phase of COVID-19 is overwhelming.

But, the most important goal of the globalists is the implementation of a mandatory vaccination program against COVID-19 complete with “immunity”.

China’s ties with much of the Western globalist elite deserve further investigation because experts warn that the devastation caused by the Wuhan pandemic has exposed a Western vulnerability to bioterrorism and could give terrorists a “green light.

Do some elites and China have a pandemic response program that has more to do with government and global leadership than health?

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