A consulting firm would have recommended cutting food expenses and reducing medical care for detained migrants to help President Donald Trump’s administration fulfill its electoral promises to reduce undocumented immigration, according to the ProPublica research media.

McKinsey & Company, an international firm contracted to help design an “organizational transformation” of the Office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), also reportedly recommended accelerating the deportations of migrants in an effort to optimize the work of immigration agents, warns the report released Tuesday.

The research also indicates that a group of ICE agents warned that the proposal to accelerate deportations violated the right to due process.

ProPublica, which conducted the research with the New York Times, says the firm encouraged ICE to adopt a “longer-term strategy” and place migrants in less expensive and less secure beds.

Journalists at ProPublica, an independent, non-profit news agency based in Manhattan, New York, were able to analyze more than 1,500 pages of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) documents.

The report also suggests cuts in on-call staffing, which is labeled as “another savings front”.

Ironically, the consulting firm was hired by the government of former President Barack Obama.

A McKinsey & Company spokesman told ProPublica that the “work, contractually agreed upon during the Obama administration, was designed to help the agency find more effective and profitable ways to operate.

In that regard, the New York Times managed to establish that the firm was paid more than $20 million for its work for ICE.

An ICE spokesman, Bryan D. Cox, denied ProPublica investigators that the consulting firm’s recommendations could run counter to the detainees’ welfare or due process rights.

McKinsey & Company ended its collaboration with ICE in July 2018. However, in recent months the consultant has made contracts for more than $8 million to support the Border Patrol (CBP), with which the firm has a contract until September 2020.

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