Democratic Congressman Adriano Espaillat proposed on Monday that the United States create a fund to compensate those affected by the coronavirus and that a national monument be erected in New York in memory of the victims of the pandemic.

“Congress must take action to alleviate the suffering of those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as adequately commemorate the lives lost, in order to help our nation recover,” the Hispanic legislator defended in a statement as he unveiled his two initiatives.

The compensation fund proposed by Espaillat would be similar to the one created for the victims of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, which provided financial aid to people who fell ill and to the families of the deceased.

According to the congressman, the bill would allow individuals and families to receive compensation for economic costs due to loss of employment, medical expenses and loss of business, as well as for physical and emotional pain and suffering inflicted by the disease.

Espaillat recalled that the pandemic “has devastated the economy of the United States, has impacted all communities across the country and has caused unprecedented financial, emotional and physical damage to individuals and families.

His other proposal would create a commission to plan, design and raise funds for a national monument to honor those who died from the coronavirus and the doctors, nurses, rescue workers and other “heroes” who are fighting the pandemic.

Espaillat proposes that the monument be installed in the New York district of The Bronx, one of the areas most affected by VID-19 in the country.

The congressman, who represents northern Manhattan and part of the Bronx, has the support of the president of that district, Ruben Diaz Jr. who applauded this attempt to promote the process of “collective healing.

“The Bronx has been one of the most affected parts of the country, and is emblematic of how COVID-19 has devastated our communities in every way imaginable,” Diaz said in the statement.

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