Secretary general of the Popular Democratic Party (PPD), José Ariel Nazario has asked the electoral controller to guarantee that the estimated 2.5 million dollars collected from the campaign of former Governor Ricardo Rosselló be returned in accordance with the provisions of Law 222-2011.

Nazario indicated that the “Law for the Control of Political Campaign Financing in Puerto Rico” states that the money raised must be remitted to the Office of the Electoral Comptroller (OCE) within a period of 30 days to from having chosen to withdraw from the aspiration or candidacy.

“We expect full transparency in the process in line with the law, and Regulation No. 20 of the OCE. This request is aimed at keeping the OCE vigilant on the expenses of the Rosselló campaign committee so that the law and payment are enforced of accounts that are not really contained in the latest economic reports that are available for inspection” he said.

“We have to remember that the money from the collection is prior to the announcement made in the Vision 2020 activity of the then candidate for governance,” he said.

Law 222-2011, as amended in its article 5.004 establishes, if an applicant or candidate who has received donations for a certain elective office through campaign committee, authorized committee, agent or authorized representatives for a determined election chooses to give it up before his term ends, he will be forced to remit all donations not spent in the campaign, if any.

In addition, it is clear from the aforementioned article that the applicant or candidate who has received such donations will have the obligation to remit them to the Secretary of the Treasury by certified check, electronic transfer or bank or postal order.

“As secretary of the party, I join the determination of the president of our community to be vigilant of the processes that take place as part of Ricardo Rosselló’s resignation as governor,” he said.

“This in order to guarantee transparency, legitimacy and purity of the processes,” Nazario said.

He argued that, without a doubt, the Puerto Rican people have lost confidence in the government agencies and the way in which they carry out the processes and that therefore it is up to the opposition to control them and restore trust to the citizens.

Nazario said they will keep an eye on what happens with the collection and urged public employees and citizens to denounce any act of corruption or illegality they know about this or other matters.

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