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Greenpeace publishes a press release denouncing the arrest in the Polish port of Gdansk of one of its star ships, the Rainbow Warrior and some of its members whom it calls “activists”, when they tried to “stop” a discharge of coal, a fuel that Greenpeace continues to claim is the “biggest responsible for climate change”.

As always in similar cases, Greenpeace describes their action as “peaceful” and complains that its neutralization was carried out by “armed and masked men”. I think the correct translation would be “by the security forces” of the Polish state.

The first contradiction appears when in the same note the so-called “international environmental organisation” acknowledges that “Poland is the European country most dependent on coal for its economy”. Does it surprise them then that they defend their welfare against any kind of attack, even if the attackers call themselves “pacifists”?

While supposedly ecological communiqués as categorical as the one we are commenting on are being issued, taking for granted that man is to blame for the famous “climate change”, dissident scientific voices are already beginning to be heard, some of which dare to assert that the theory of global warming could be the biggest scam in the history of science.

We are not talking about extremists or scientists without prestige: Recently, the voice of over 30 Italian climatologists and ecologists was raised in a choral way. They are finally daring to speak out, in a reasoned and measured way, against the declarations of the famous International Panel for Climate Change (IPPC), sponsored and financed by the UN, and at the same time funders of the work of those scientists who move in the line of what is “politically correct”.

One of the most relevant scientists of the first decade of our century, Nigel Lawson, Margaret Thatcher’s minister, was one of the first dissidents of the official theory, daring in 2009 to call “global warming” “the big lie” and more recently John Casey, a retired scientist from NASA with recognized solvency and equanimity in his judgments, challenges the official theory that points to man as responsible for the so-called global warming.

So do 31,487 of his colleagues in the United States, defining it as a scientifically weak theory that has been failing in most of its predictions. On the contrary, the search in the cycles of solar activity of the explanation of the periods of heat and cold that we can record historically, succeeds in 90% of the predictions.

Submission to the IPPC’s instructions on what we should do to avoid the announced disaster is having many more implications than could be imagined without going into detail: we should all become vegans (although we condemn backward countries economically to hunger, we should enter the supermarket with dirty bags of various uses, we should pay for bags that will allow the clever executives of the establishments to become innocent advertisers carrying their logos on the bags purchased, and a very long etcetera of incongruencies).

Let’s start by clarifying that climate change is true, better still, nothing is as changeable as climate. It is not only a question of changes in the atmospheric system, since it is necessary to study the interactions between the bodies of water and the continental ones as well as the contact surfaces of both with the atmospheric mass of air, and not only that, because also the bottom of the sea, more or less hot depending on the radioactive heat fluxes of the interior of the planet is transmitted to the water through the oceanic bottom, in this way the phenomenon known as “El Niño” is originated.

It is undeniable that polluting is bad, very bad, especially for our health, and working in this direction every day is getting to improve the air of the world’s big cities, correcting emissions from heating and toxic emissions from vehicles.

Nobody in their right mind can deny that it is necessary to pollute less and less, but be very careful, because it is nothing more than nonsensical imprudence to try to relate the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of the last two centuries with a supposed global change in climatic conditions.

If such recklessness is related to very important economic investments and all kinds of subsidies for the gullible and the submissive, we can be before the biggest fraud in the history of Science, as the first scientists who dare to do so assert, defying the criticisms they may suffer for it.

These short climatic cycles of heat and cold that we have been observing in the last centuries, that is to say since there exists a record, are evident, and some of us have been witnesses of past ones. Today the memory of some of the brilliant television programs of  Spanish naturalist Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente is impressing, in particular those he made in Canada, where he stated (in 1995: “These ice giants are advancing because we are heading towards a new glaciation”.

It seems hopeful that Science has abandoned the fanatical assumption of politically correct principles and returns to its work, which is the great formula for us to continue progressing and solve what we can about some great natural mechanisms that there is no alternative but to recognize that they surpass us.


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