69% of U.S. citizens surveyed for a Pew Research Center study said the current economic situation favors the wealthiest.

In contrast, the survey reveals that 64% of respondents believe that it also harms “people who are poor”.

This survey also shows how socio-economic status and political trends influence the perception of the economic situation.

While the majority of high (71%) and middle (60%) earners believe that the economy is in good or excellent shape, only 41% with lower incomes see it that way.
In addition, 57% of the total number of respondents believe that the current economic situation is poor or mediocre.

In line with this and linked to the political affinity of the respondents, 75% of those who identified themselves as Republicans considered the economic conditions positive, something that contrasts with the 59% of Democratic voters who valued it as negative.

The results of this study come from a survey that the Pew Research Center conducted with 6,878 adults over the Internet between September 16 and 29, 2019 and has a margin of error of 1.6%.

The survey also reveals that citizens receiving the lowest incomes are almost twice as likely to value that the current economy hurts their families, as considered by 60% of respondents who are part of this group, compared to 43% of average incomes and 29% of the highest. Of the latter, almost half (47%) said that, on the contrary, it benefits their families.

On the other hand, 55% of adults with the lowest salaries said that the cost of health care is a recurrent concern for them, while for members of the middle class and the wealthiest it is only 37% and 18%, respectively.

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