“America for the Americans” Famous phrase issued by President James Monroe on December 2, 1823.
Although this phrase has lent itself to multiple interpretations since the very day of its utterance by President James Monroe, it has never been more active in the minds of political analysts than in the times we live in.

The strong Chinese, Russian and Iranian economic and political penetration in countries such as Cuba, Venezuela, Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru, Mexico and Brazil is highly alarming, not only for the free trade and freedoms of these countries as well as the rest of Latin America but also for the security, freedom and interests of the United States itself.

If with little precedent, the US has maintained over the years a policy that, in our opinion, has been totally wrong, this policy, with the absence of clear and direct policies, is being taken advantage of by countries as disparate as China, Russia and Iran, but with a common denominator that unites them, their deep-rooted hatred for the US and their desire to take possession of the innumerable riches that lie in the lands of Latin America.

We have always maintained and manifested, to whoever has taken the time to listen to us, the great error of the American policy since its independence from Great Britain until the present time has been its scarce and terrible policies towards the immense majority of Latin American countries.

If in 1945, Russia did not totally take over Germany, it was thanks to the famous Marshall Plan, that same Plan should have been implemented, with the peculiarities of each country, in each and every Latin American country.

If in President Johnson’s time, instead of sending Peace Corps volunteers halfway around the world, the Latin American markets had been opened to American investments and the American market, we would not now have the Chinese, Russian and Iranian threat and danger.

If during the Nixon administration, instead of opening the doors of China to the large multinationals which, for the most part, put their interests before the collective interests of the United States, we would not now be faced with the great danger that Chinese, Russian and Iranian interests represent for our own interests, opening for them, as in the case of China, the opportunity that the Chinese Communist Party itself, through state-controlled and state-owned companies, has invested in huge American companies of greater or lesser importance for the security of the United States.

Going back to more recent times, the US has been extremely busy helping to solve problems on other geographic scales while ignoring those that most affect our interests, Latin America.

The way to stop the huge and growing influx of undocumented immigrants, mainly from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, is not walls or barriers, but a comprehensive policy of large-scale investments in those countries, thus making unnecessary the massive immigration of people who, for the most part, come from agricultural sectors.

Have we thought about how illegal immigration to the U.S. by Costa Rican and Panamanian citizens is practically non-existent?

When 200 years ago the fragmentation of the Spanish Empire into so many states, most of which had little in common except language and history, was important for our interests, today that fragmentation works against us by facilitating more easily in their respective countries the penetration and control by interests contrary to the interests of Latin Americans and Americans.

It is sad and regrettable to see the lack of political vision on the part of some leaders of both parties, Democrats and Republicans, in not taking advantage of Puerto Rico’s strategic, linguistic and cultural situation with respect to relations with Latin American countries.

When the world is turning into blocs, the U.S. urgently needs to help create a new bloc, called Hispanidad, which together with the 60 million Spanish-speaking Americans will provide political and economic support to prevent and reject the penetration of China, Russia and Latin America.

There is little that Central American countries can do on their own. Countries such as Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico are receiving huge investments from China that will gradually take over the interests and industries of these countries.

Have we ever wondered why neither China nor Russia nor Iran make substantial investments in Cuba?

The answer is simple, Cuba only interests them as a pebble in the US shoe, Cuba has no natural resources. Cuban industry is practically non-existent and they prefer to use Cuba as a Trojan Horse in their penetration of Latin America and in their ideological penetration.

Even though we advocate a Hispanidad in Latin America in which Spain and the U.S. participate, such a Hispanidad would respect the natural idiosyncrasies between different countries, forming an improved copy of the European Union, giving each other a free market among its members capable of competing economically with any other bloc,

In many American political circles, over the years the increase of the Hispanic population in the U.S. has been viewed with suspicion, now they are convinced that the increase of the Hispanic population in relation to whites, Afro-Americans and Orientals, is unstoppable. Let’s make it something beneficial for all, uniting this huge mass of Latin American citizens with Spaniards and North Americans, where the human and economic potential will be indisputable.

The only concern would be the same as now, to prevent the penetration of Marxist-Leninist ideas among the U.S. Hispanic population, ideas promoted by some Hispanic NGO leaders who use the Hispanic population to increase their Marxist-Leninist ideological roots. Their non-avoidance would be a greater problem for U.S. security and interests than those of China, Russia and Iran in Latin America today.

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