Beijing has called on US President Donald Trump to “fulfill his commitments” and allow companies in his country to continue with the business of Chinese technology Huawei in the US, which in May imposed a veto to restrict your commercial activity in that country.

“During the meeting between presidents of China (Xi Jinping) and the US in Osaka, the US said it would allow its companies to supply Huawei. When and how will it fulfill its commitments? It affects the reputation and credibility of the US, “Geng Shuang, a spokesman for China’s Foreign Ministry, told a news conference.

“The world is watching. We hope that the US can keep its word and put an end to irrational oppression and sanctions against Chinese companies, including Huawei”.

This was the response of the Chinese authorities to Trump’s comments this Sunday, in which he assured that his Administration does not want to do business with Huawei.

“Huawei is a company with which we cannot do business,” he said.

Last May, Washington banned Huawei from selling its telecommunications equipment to US companies on suspicion that the Chinese company could take advantage of those systems for espionage.

However, in the commercial truce agreed between Xi and Trump in June, Washington agreed to allow the company to sell small components, such as chips, to US companies.

The sales permit for some of these products is valid until tomorrow, August 19.

Consulted this Sunday, Trump insisted that the company was a “threat to national security” and anticipated that tomorrow he will make a decision about it.

“At the moment it seems much more that we are not going to do business. I do not want to do business at all, because it is a threat to national security,” he insisted.

Specialized media, including The Wall Street Journal, had revealed that the Commerce Department was considering expanding permission for Huawei to continue its business with US companies.

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