Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials are arrested five times more than suspected by other national agencies, according to an investigation by the Quartz website published Tuesday.

The rate in which CBP agents are arrested when involved in a crime is 0.5%, while that of local or state police is only 0.1%, according to the Henry A. Wallace Police Crime Database  analyzed by Quartz.

“Border Patrol agents and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials have been arrested 176 times since October for a series of crimes,” Quartz says.

Officers are detained for crimes related to drugs and alcohol, domestic violence, and sexual assault, among others, according to the media, adding that the arrests are recorded in a confidential quarterly report from the CBP Office of Professional Responsibility.

Those detained this year include Steven Charles Holmes, an agent accused of raping three women in a seven-year period in Tucson, Arizona, as well as a supervisor who was arrested in Los Angeles on federal arm trafficking charges.

Since last October, when fiscal year 2019 began, 42 CBP members have been arrested for drugs and alcohol, which are the most arresting charges among the agents of this federal agency.

The report comes amid controversy raised by a private Facebook group where alleged CBP agents made racist jokes about immigrants and sexual jokes towards congressmen of Hispanic origin.

The scandal, uncovered by the information organization ProPública, motivated the federal agency is investigating 70 employees and former workers for their possible connection with that group, which former Border Patrol  chiefCarla Provost could have been a part of, according to other media.

National Security Committee of the House of Representatives chairman Bennie Thompson, demanded a specific investigation to know wether Provost was related to this group and was part of the jokes and comments.

The federal agency, for the time being, has not ruled out Provost’s connection and if she is one of the 70 investigated.

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