New Mexico State University professor Neal Rosendorf called the situation of migrants who discovered detainees in the open, near the Paso del Norte international bridge in El Paso, Texas, at a “concentration camp.”

“These men were detained like animals, in dog cages, this is one more nail to the coffin of the United States as a power that defends human rights,” he told Efe the academic about the almost 200 migrants who discovered the 1 of June, in the open and under high temperatures.

The finding, which was first reported to the Texas Monthly, was made up of migrants who assured him that they had been detained for more than 30 days without being able to bathe or change, sleeping on the floor and receiving very little food.

“What’s happening on the border is a real disaster,” lamented Rosendorf, a professor in the government department of the university, researcher and author of several books.

He said migrants were found by “accident” when he went to the area to see if there were protests about the conditions in which asylum seekers from mostly Central American countries are detained and saw the group behind a gate which access was open.

“The men were close to each other, abandoned there, to their fate, under the weather in an area where temperatures can easily reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit (almost 38 degrees Celsius) at this time,” Rosendorf, who said he believed there were some Cubans amonsgt them.

The professor was able to take with his phone some photographs of the place and the conditions in which the migrants were, and he feared that the Border Patrol agents (CBP) who discovered him in the place would take away his phone.

The photos the academic took show men sleeping on the floor asleep, while others cling to the fence looking through it.

In statements to Efe, CBP indicated that in the midst of the current crisis on the border, extreme measures have been necessary for the safety of migrants and the agents themselves.

“Throughout the processing and retention of those under our custody, some people are being held in an area near the international bridge,” the federal agency confirmed.

“Trying to avoid overcrowding of temporary CBP facilities, every available space that provides freedom from movement, security and protection for those in our custody is used, as necessary,” he added.

CBP said that “some of these places are partially outdoors” and “provide relief from the sun, wind and inclement weather,” CBP added.

Rosendorf was against these claims and said that the detained men he saw only had some pieces of plastic and aluminum foil blankets that the Border Patrol gives them, and that the migrants themselves have placed as improvised roofs to protect themselves from the sun .

“I hope these men are in lesser conditions,” Rosendorf finished.

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