Julian Castro supports Joe Biden after being silent for weeks


Julian Castro, the only Latino presidential hopeful who suspended his campaign for the November presidential election in early January, expressed his support for Joe Biden as a Democratic presidential candidate on Tuesday with a call for “real reform to run our broken police surveillance system.

But this announcement was delayed for weeks, when both the former secretary of housing and his twin brother Joaquin, congressman from Texas and president of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC), did not finish expressing their formal support for the former vice president.

The also former mayor of San Antonio (Texas) was very critical of Biden himself during the Democratic debates, because of the role he played when he was vice president during the mandates of Barack Obama (2009-2017) for the deportation of millions of undocumented immigrants.

Now that seems to be behind him, like the support he once gave to Elizabeth Warren, when the senator was still in the presidential race, and he said today that Biden “recognizes the urgent need for reform” to solve the problems of race and abuse of power by the country’s police forces.

Castro thus mentions the multiple demonstrations that have taken place in different cities of the country against the excessive use of force by the police, especially with the African-American community, after the death of George Floyd while in police custody in Minneapolis.

“I feel proud to support him and I hope to see these reforms become law, and thus, what happened with George Floyd will never happen again,” Castro said in a message on Twitter.

Biden quickly responded in the same way, saying he had promised Floyd’s family that he would do everything possible to prevent similar cases from happening again and that he wants to tackle this problem “head on” and needs the Latino leader’s help to do so.

Not surprisingly, during the primaries Castro made police reform a central part of his campaign, and in the debates he mentioned several times the names of African-Americans killed by police officers, advocating reforms to police agencies and criminal justice.

Biden has been criticized for his lukewarm approach to Latino voters and is trying to rally Hispanic support for this issue. In recent weeks, he has enlisted the support of activist Dolores Huerta and added popular Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Julie Chavez Rodriguez, granddaughter of historic labor leader Cesar Chavez, to his campaign.

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