Guayaquil (Ecuador), June 2.- The Ecuadorian Richard Carapaz celebrated this Tuesday, with a bicycle tour of about 200 kilometers very close to the Chiles volcano, at 4,700 meters above sea level, the first year of his conquest of the Italy spin.

The cyclist from the province of Carchi, in the northern Andean region of Ecuador and bordering Colombia, called the 2019 Giro d’Italia the most extraordinary triumph of his life.

“Remembering this year for me has been very special. Well, I had that contact with the land early, after cycling six hours on Cerro Chiles,” Carapaz said in a dialogue with journalists.

He said that Chiles, very close to where he lives, is a very dear place for him, due to the “tranquility” that is lived in that “free space”.

It is something “without equal”, added the third Latin American to win a great Tour, after the Colombians Lucho Herrera and Nairo Quintana.

“I believe that I still have to climb my mountain, I have many dreams ahead of me, I want to continue fulfilling them and I hope I can continue enjoying with those I love most, with those I love the most, to cheer up that great Ecuadorian people who follow me,” said Carapaz, who hopes to return to dispute the contest this year.

He said he is aware that he has accomplished “something very crucial” for his life.

“This race in itself has been held for 102 years, and at 102 years my name has been written. This will always transcend, even when we exist. That will be my story,” said the Ineos.

“Very few of us are the athletes who have the happiness of being able to say that we have written in the history of sport how the Giro d’Italia has been, for me it has been that, I live it like this and I am aware of what I have done,” he added. .

He stated that he intends to repeat for the second consecutive year his conquest in Italy.

“It is a personal challenge. People are also expecting that and the truth is that I continue with the same illusion of continuing to do great things,” he said.

He clarified that he does not know if he will repeat it, because the competition is very different from one year to the next, but he said that he will “fight for it”.

“That is going to be my goal, it is in my mind, it is in my head, it is in my heart,” he added.

“I have the desire to continue doing it and enjoying it, everything that comes with it will be welcome for me, to be able to enjoy the 2020 Giro, which will be spectacular,” he said.

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