A “Cambalache” of a nation called Spain


That the world was and will be a mess, I already know, in five hundred and six and two thousand also; that there have always been jets, Machiavellians and swindles, happy and bitter, values and dublé. But that the twentieth century is a display of insolent evil, there is no longer anyone who could deny it, we live wallowing in meringue and in the same mud, everyone is groping.

Today it is the same to be a traitor, ignorant, wise, squirt, generous, swindler. Everything is the same, nothing is better, a donkey is the same as a great teacher! There’s no postponement or ranking, the immoral have equalled us… If one lives in imposture and another steals in his ambition, it’s the same as if he were a priest, a mattress maker, a king of clubs, a hitchhiker.

But what a lack of respect, what an outrage to reason!

Anyone is a lord, anyone is a thief! Mix with Stavisky van Don Bosco and La Mignon, Don Chicho and Napoleon, Carnera and San Martin. Just as in the disrespectful window of the Cambalache life has been mixed up, and wounded by a rivetless sword you see the Bible crying against a boiler.

The twentieth century, a change of scene, problematic and feverish, he who does not cry does not suckle, and he who does not worry is a fool. Go on, go on, we will meet in the oven! Do not think more, sit on a lao, nobody cares if you were born honourable! He who works night and day like an ox is the same as he who lives off others, and he who kills, or he who cures, or he who is outside the law” – Enrique Santos Discépolo

It seems that when Santos Discépolo wrote this tango in the third decade of the last century he was looking not at Argentina but at Spain in the 21st century.

Because we are realistic, Spain, in its current situation can be legitimately referred to this song.

Spain is a Cambalache.* A Chaos. A disaster, but not because of the average Spaniard, but because of a caste of left-wing and extreme left-wing politicians who not only should be in prison but who are compensated by being part of the central government and various autonomous governments, general directorates, public companies and anywhere else where, apart from their substantial salaries and other emoluments, they can reap, in a few months or years, real fortunes.

But in reality, they are to blame for their condition alone? No, not at all. The main blame lies with those who vote for them and the PP party, which has increasingly made agreements with independence parties to gain power.

Does Spain have a solution?

Of course, it does. Just as when gangrene occurs in the human body in one of its extremities, a drastic solution must be taken to amputate that limb to prevent it from spreading to the rest of the body, with Spain, many of the ills that afflict it must be amputated.

And for this, you need a surgeon. That role belongs to the king.

King Felipe VI, not only with his laxity with regard to his permissiveness to the acts of the government of Marxist Socialists and Communists that violate the constitutional laws but also with regard to the outrages against the national flag and his own person, is making himself an accomplice of this government.

Spain does not need a King only for more or less pompous ceremonies, as well as to represent the Nation abroad, but more importantly to be the bulwark that defends the peace and integrity of the Spanish nation.

If the king does not react in time, the coming tide will make him and his monarchy the first victim.

Why defend a king and a monarchy that, when Spain needs it, asks for it, pleads for it, does not intervene in anything and limits itself on certain occasions to mentioning certain more or less veiled words in its speeches?

Your Majesty, Spain is no longer here to hear speeches.

Spain wants action.
Spain requires application of Article 8 of the Spanish Constitution

Spain needs: 

Application of article 155, not Rajoy and Sáenz de Santamaría style, but with all the rigor of the Law, in Basque Provinces and Catalonia.

Spain needs: 

Dissolution of the police powers of the Basque Provinces and Catalonia and integration of their members in the National Police and the Guardia Civil.

Spain needs:

Dissolution of the Provincial Councils.

Spain needs:

Declare out of law any political party whose aims are self-determination, separation or breaking the unity of Spain.

Spain needs:

An army composed of well-paid, trained professionals with access to the best means for their personal defence and the defence of the Unity of Spain.

Spain needs:

Implementation of the compulsory military service of all Spanish people, without distinction of gender, for a period of one year, being instructed and commanded by the great professionals that now make up the Glorious Spanish Armed Forces.

Spain needs:

Elimination of more than half of the members of the Senate, reducing it to two senators per province and one for Ceuta and another for Melilla.

Spain needs:

A deep reform of the Central and Autonomous Administration.

Spain needs:

Elimination of the capacity for thousands of politicians. This capacity is only for the Government, Deputies and Senators in compliance with their functions.

Spain needs:

Total reform of the voting system, allowing free and open voting, avoiding closed lists that make Spain, not a democracy, which never has been but ending with the current System of Particracy where Spaniards are victims of parties that make agreements behind the backs of those who voted for them.

Spain needs:

To put an end to the Revolving Door of Judges obtaining political positions and later returning to the judiciary.

Spain needs:

A really free Judiciary without government obstruction. With judges appointed by the judges themselves. With Judges depending on their own Administration of Justice and not on the Central Government through the Ministry of Justice.

Spain is in chaos. A Cambalache. One of the most corrupt nations. With countless politicians who steal your fortune.

If Spain does not change and does so soon. If King Philip VI is still asleep and does not realize that Spain is becoming a powder keg, then the Spanish right-wing, trampled, cursed, and embarrassed, will wake up and Spain will repeat July 18, 1936.

Let the left and the extreme left forget about wanting to turn Spain into a Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, China, or North Korea.

The Spaniards and their Armed Forces and Security Forces will not allow it and the American judicial authorities will very soon accuse the members of the government and their acolytes, accomplices of the drug traffickers of Maduro, Cabello and company, in Venezuela.

*Cambalache: pejorative for swapping, exchanging.

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