Cadena: “We need a candidate who will work to attract quality businesses”


Republican candidate Robert Cadena is running for election to the U.S. House to represent Texas’ 18th Congressional District. Cadena told Political believes the main challenges for his District “is flooding, Education for our kids, bringing quality businesses and jobs back to the District, Job training and Education, Quality of life, and Infrastructure.”

Why are you running?

I am running to make a real difference in U.S. TX District 18. My opponent has been the representative for the past 25 years, and not much has improved in those 25 years. The poor becoming poorer, quality businesses leaving the district along with the jobs, public schools have failed our kids, flooding issues have increased over the last 25 years, and infrastructure has worsened. We need a candidate who will work to attract quality businesses, quality jobs, a vision of growth, and prosperity for families. I will work to resolve decades-old problems like contamination, flooding, quality education, quality of life, infrastructure, and many other issues my opponent has failed to address. A voter asked why she should vote for me, and I asked why not? What has life been like for you with my opponent as the representative? Are you willing to take a chance to improve your community and life by voting for me? Are you willing to elect someone such as myself who cannot be bought and will unbiasedly protect your rights and work to fix flooding issues, Education for our kids, and quality of life in the district?

What are the main challenges in your district and what are your proposals?

I believe the main challenges for U.S. TX District 18 is flooding, Education for our kids, bringing quality businesses and jobs back to the District, Job training and Education, Quality of life, and Infrastructure. Although these issues are not easy to fix, I believe a Public-Private Partnership is vital in solving these issues. I will work with local government, business owners, property owners, and communities to fix these issues. I believe in a bottom-up approach, not a top-down approach because the solutions come from the community, not from Washington.

 How do you assess the government -White House and Congress, local authorities – to the coronavirus crisis?

If I were to grade the government today, I would give them a B minus on the handling of the coronavirus issue. Was it necessary to shut the economy down, which has caused the loss of businesses, jobs, the loss of hundreds of billions of dollars from the economy, and added 6.5 trillion dollars to the national debt with potentially more debt to come? I believe the answer is no; here is why. We could have implemented the same safety protocols we currently have in place and allowed businesses to remain open. Individuals who don’t fill safe in their workplace can work from home, wear a safety mask when in public. Still, not a mandate and those places like New York, California, and Louisiana with the highest numbers of cases should shut down until the curve is reduced to an acceptable level.

In contrast, other places with much lower cases or none at all should remain open practicing social distancing along with other safety measures that are in the best interest of each community. I get it. We do not want to lose loved ones, but are we going to close the economy every time the cold season or flu season comes around? What about when people are dying from cancer? In case you are wondering if I have lost anyone, yes, I have lost seven family members, so I do know what it is like to lose loved ones. I also understand it is part of life, and one day even though it will not be easy, I will lose another family member I love, but it will help make me a better person to go through the grieving process.

What is your position on immigration?

I approve of our legal immigration system, although it is not perfect and could use some improvements. We must have an effective immigration system that limits the number of immigrants who can come into our Country every year.  An overpopulation of illegal immigrants, combined with legal immigrants, have put a strain on our economies, such as jobs, wages, rent, insurance, health care system, and social programs. As a sovereign country, the United States’ responsibility is to its citizens first just as any other country’s responsibility is to its citizens first. If people want to enter America, then it starts with following our immigration laws. If immigrants legal or illegal cannot follow our immigration laws, what other laws will be broken? I also believe America should force the immigrants home Country to improve the economic conditions, quality of life, and security for its citizens or face losing all financial support. We need first to understand why immigrants are leaving their country to come to America to have a better grasp of the solution.

Could you comment on the impact in your community of stimulus package approved by Congress?

Although the stimulus is needed to help families and businesses, it has not necessarily helped when millions of families who desperately need the help have not received their checks. I have an older son who has not received his check along with others and with no way for them to speak to IRS about the problem. Our government has told businesses they need to close to keep everyone safe, then the government told Businesses they need to borrow money with interest to stay operational. If the businesses keep their employees, the loan will be forgiven. What kind of help is that? I compare this approach to eminent domain.

What is your evaluation of your opponent’s work?

My opponent selectively represents certain areas of U.S. TX District 18 but, at the same time, ignoring other areas. She promotes social programs that keep poor communities poor and dependent on government. My opponent says she works to protect our constitutional rights, but behind the scene, she works to strip away our 2nd amendment, 1st amendment, and the right to life. My opponent cares for an issue when a camera is shining a light on it or when it is time for reelection. I ask you, is this the kind of representative you want?

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