Boeing is talking to banks to borrow about $10 billion, according to people familiar with the issue cited by the financial network CNBC, as the company faces rising costs from the crisis of its 737 Max model.

The company has already secured at least $6 billion from the banks so far, but continues to talk to other lenders for more contributions.

Boeing has been struggling with financial problems since its 737 Max model was involved in two fatal accidents, one in Indonesia in October 2018 and another in Ethiopia in March last year, which resulted in a total of 346 deaths.

The aviation giant even suspended production of the 737 Max aircraft this month as regulators have extended the grounding of the model, which has been idle for 11 months.

The return of this Boeing model plane has faced several obstacles, including a new software problem revealed by the company last week.

The U.S. airline delivered a total of 380 aircraft through 2019, less than half the number delivered the previous year, impacted by two accidents of its 737 Max model that forced a shutdown of service and, more recently, production, the company itself reported last Tuesday.

According to Boeing, that is its lowest number of aircraft deliveries in some 14 years – in contrast to the record 863 deliveries made by its European rival Airbus – with the 737 model representing only a third of the units, 127.

Boeing is still working on re-certification of the 737 Max by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) after two fatal accidents involving the model.

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