The Boeing Board of Directors announced on Wednesday six recommendations resulting from the internal investigation opened due to the crisis of the 737 MAX, including improving the supervision of engineers throughout the company in order to strengthen the safety of their devices.

In a statement, the U.S. manufacturer noted that the committee responsible for its Board of Directors has completed “independent review of policies and processes for aircraft design and development” after five months, and believes its recommendations will “strengthen engineering” at Boeing.

A “realignment” of functions in this area is precisely proposed, according to which all Boeing engineers should “report directly to their chief engineer, who in turn will report directly to the company’s CEO, Dennis Muilenburg.

“The chief engineer should focus primarily on the engineering function and related needs, supported by a senior leader who is responsible for developing, implementing and integrating new technology, tools, processes and digital systems,” the note reads.

Among the other five recommendations, Boeing’s board also suggests that the firm collaborate with its client airlines to “re-examine hypotheses regarding cockpit design and operation,” and advise pilots to train when appropriate beyond the traditional program.

Boeing’s internal research adds to the numerous reviews of its aircraft development undertaken by regulators around the world and by U.S. authorities following the two fatal accidents of its 737 MAX models in Indonesia in October 2018 and last March 10 in Ethiopia.

In addition, Boeing reported that it has established a permanent Aerospace Safety Committee on its Board of Directors composed of professionals with extensive experience, and that will require safety expertise when electing future directors.

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