The President of the United States, Joe Biden, will participate in a televised meeting with voters in the state of Wisconsin next Tuesday, in what will be his first official trip since he came to power on January 20.

The White House announced this past Tuesday Biden’s trip in a brief statement, in which it only indicated that he will travel to the city of Milwaukee, without giving more details about Biden’s trip.

There, Biden will answer questions from a number of Americans moderated by CNN anchor Anderson Cooper and before an audience that will maintain social distance and meet other requirements related to containing the COVID-19 pandemic.

Audience members, who will attend by invitation, will be able to ask the president questions on all sorts of topics, although the pandemic and the economy are expected to take up much of the discussion, CNN said.

Since arriving at the White House, the president has only travelled to his home state of Delaware to rest this past weekend, and his advisors have stressed the difficulty of scheduling travel due to pandemic-related complications.

For now, Biden has no plans for international travel and the White House has stressed that he wants to focus on the challenges stemming from the coronavirus and the economy domestically before any international travel.

Wisconsin is one of the key states that gave Biden victory in last November’s election and one of three U.S. industrial belt territories, along with Pennsylvania and Michigan, that went for him after voting in 2016 for former President Donald Trump.

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