The campaign of virtual Democratic presidential candidate for the November elections, Joe Biden, raised $141 million in June, surpassing that of his rival, President Donald Trump, who raised $131 million in the same period.

This was reported Thursday by the former vice president’s campaign team, which explained that this amount is about half of what was raised by the campaign, the Democratic National Committee and other donors during the second quarter of 2020.

This is the second consecutive month that Biden has outperformed Trump in fundraising, with the former vice president receiving $81 million in donations in May, compared to $74 million for the current White House tenant.

Regarding June, the Democrat’s team explained that 68% of those who gave money were new donors, with the average donation being $34.

For its part, Trump’s campaign announced on Wednesday a total collection of $131 million in June, almost half of the $266 million obtained in the second quarter of the year.

This coincides with a very bad moment for the current president, who according to a survey published last week is at the lowest point of popularity, with a 40% approval rating, after the racial protests over the cases of police abuse and in the midst of an upsurge of coronavirus infections in the country.

According to a survey conducted by the Marist Institute for Public Opinion (MIPO) in partnership with National Public Radio (NPR) and PBS NewsHour, Trump has a 58% disapproval rating among Americans.

This is a negative view of him that seems to have spread among some members of the Republican Party, since recently several former members of the George W. Bush Administration (2002-2009) announced the creation of a fundraising group for the Biden campaign.

The group, called “43 Alumni for Joe Biden”, referring to the Bush Administration – the 43rd in U.S. history – is headed by Karen Kirsky, a member of the Republican’s 2000 campaign and a member of the Department of Labor and the Department of Agriculture during the Texan presidency.

“Early in the summer, having seen too many days filled with chaos emanating from the highest levels of government, we knew it was time to take a step forward,” the organization explains on its website to explain its support for Biden.

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