The president-elect, Joe Biden, will announce on Tuesday 24th the first members of the cabinet that will form his government, he announced this Sunday the one that will be his chief of staff in the White House, Ron Klain.

“You will see the first announcements of cabinet members on Tuesday,” Klain said during an interview with ABC News, and he said that the announcement will be made by Biden himself.

Klain did not clarify, however, if the announcement will include some of the most expected cabinet figures, such as the secretaries of state, treasury or justice.

The president-elect said this week that he had already decided who would be his secretary of the treasury, and that he would make the announcement either before or after the Thanksgiving holiday, which is celebrated next Thursday, the 26th.

Both former Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen and Senator Elizabeth Warren have sounded off for that position, but Biden did not want to speculate and only predicted that the person he has selected will satisfy both the most moderate and the most progressive Democrats.

Biden’s nominees will have to be confirmed by the Senate, whose control will not be determined until two special elections are held on January 5 in Georgia, on which two seats will tilt the Upper House to the Republicans or the Democrats.

Biden has already announced a dozen advisors who will accompany him to the White House, like Klain himself, although these officials do not need Senate approval, unlike those in the Cabinet.

In his interview with ABC, Klain also said that Biden’s inauguration, scheduled for January 20, “will have to change definitively” from the traditional ones, because with the pandemic it is not appropriate to gather tens of thousands of people in the center of Washington.

On the obstruction of the transition process by outgoing President Donald Trump, Klein said, “Trump’s assault on our elections will not change the outcome.
“Joe Biden will take the oath of office, and Trump will leave the White House before that, but how much damage will he do to our democracy before he leaves,” Klain said.

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